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The daughter of an Apple engineer showed the new iPhone X and caused the dismissal of his father

Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded video revealing details of the phone that went viral quickly. His conduct violated a strict company rule

Brooke Amelia Peterson shows the iPhone X in her video that went viral

An Apple employee who worked as a radiofrequency engineer gave his daughter a privileged preview of the new iPhone X while having lunch at the company’s headquarters and was fired after a criticism of her in her YouTube account revealed the design of the phone a few days after its launch.

In the video, Brooke Amelia Peterson, a young woman from Southern California, shows details of the new iPhone X – which, her father says, is pronounced “ten” and not “X” – as well as the size of the mobile screen and the high resolution of your camera.

The “innocent” video begins when the young woman meets her father and starts touring the company’s facilities. Later, at lunch, he showed the characteristics of the new model, seriously compromising his father.

The iPhone X profile, without the characteristic start button of the previous models

Although it was not the first criticism revealing some news of the phone that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, Peterson explained in a second video published on Saturday that his first publication had been broadcast by several sites to the point that was disclosed in the networks and caused the dismissal of his father.

The camera of the iPhone X

“My father is the best father and daughter could ask for, he is the most honest, most affectionate, sincere person – I could go on and on – more genuine human being,” Peterson said after Apple asked him to delete his iPhone X video.

At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it does not matter how good you are, if you break a rule, they just do not have tolerance, they had to do what they had to do,” she continued after reporting that the technological giant fired his father after he assumed responsibility for the video his daughter shared.

The engineer paid for his lunch at Apple’s headquarters using only his iPhone X

According to the story of the young woman, the engineer had worked in the company for four years building the operating system of the telephone and designing wireless circuits for the company. Apparently, he was fired for violating the rule that strictly prohibits the recording of videos within the company’s headquarters.

The iPhone X front

The daughter, clearly affected by the incident, asked the users between tears to respect her father for the innocent mistake she herself committed without even knowing that it was a violation.

You know guys, tell me everything you want, but please do not hate my father because he is the best person and I have absolutely no tolerance for people who think they know him and for the people who are insulting us,” he said.

“My father will win because he always does,” he added.


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