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The double jump of Qualcomm to laptops, the giant wants to be even bigger

The double jump of Qualcomm to laptops
The double jump of Qualcomm to laptops

Qualcomm is in a strange situation right now. Its leadership in the market of mobile processors is unparalleled, nor comparable, but Broadcom, in its attempt to take over them, does not stop making moves to try to devalue the company and reduce its 103,000 million offer of purchase.

On the other hand, Qualcomm does not seem to intend to stop growing either with the purchase of NXP almost closed, which would make them fully enter the market of connected cars, now they have gone for the personal computers market. A market that every time is considered dead but still greedy enough to continue receiving strong inflows and investments and Qualcomm has made two movements in the absence of one.

Gamers, here is my LTE

AMD Ryzen latest generation processors

At the moment, Qualcomm Summit is celebrated on the paradisiacal island of Hawaii, in the Pacific. During the presentation day, Qualcomm took advantage of other things to slip the first data of its Snapdragon 845, the chip called to lead a good part of the high ranges of next 2018, but there was time to communicate its approach to the PC world.

Thanks to an alliance with AMD, another heavyweight of the processors, the guys from Qualcomm will connect LTE to the computers moved by the Ryzen, the latest AMD high-end processors. Computers for gamers that will now have a very powerful mobile internet connection. To play where they want and when they want.

AMD will put the processors and graphics and Qualcomm will handle the LTE connectivity

AMD will put the Ryzen brains and the Vega graphics, and Qualcomm will be in charge of connecting the computers with the available LTE mobile networks in each region. Low latency and a large bandwidth for ultra-thin laptops that will be put into circulation in the coming months. But the announcement was not there. Qualcomm not only wants to offer connection, it also wants to lead systems.

Microsoft, let’s make laptops

Microsoft announced some time ago that it intended to make Windows, an almost complete version of Windows 10 and not an RT version or anything like it, run on ARM architecture. In May he decided to announce that up to six manufacturers joined his cause and now the time has come to make it official. Of course, it was during the Hawaiian Summit of the Americans.

This version of Windows will be known as Windows 10 S but will offer the possibility of updating, always free of charge, to the Windows 10 Pro version of Microsoft. A Windows that will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and that will run 32-bit applications thanks to an emulator, while the operating system will run natively.

With Windows 10 S Microsoft has found a way for its system to run on ARM architectures, something that Qualcomm has taken advantage of immediately

For now, applications built directly to run on 64-bit systems are left out and it will only be necessary to wait for everything to work properly. But Qualcomm is already there, putting its head in the PC market as the main brain of different devices , in addition to its alliance with AMD to offer mobile connectivity.

A couple of movements more than interesting for a Qualcomm that has already well settled its mobile market, begins to expand in the devices connected with own chips, is about to close the purchase of NXP to address the connected cars and now enters the PC world. We do not say with this that he will be able to stop the purchase by Broadcom, but of course it seems that he will sell his skin much more expensive.


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