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The end of OS 32-Bits at Nvidia

OS have evolved significantly in recent years, especially at Microsoft with the very latest Windows 10. Computers have progressively increased from 32 to 64 bits and now the new PCs offer almost nothing more than 64-bit processors and OS that go with. A trend that should strengthen with the latest announcement of Nvidia.

The end of OS 32-Bits at Nvidia
The end of OS 32-Bits at Nvidia

The graphics card manufacturer Nvidia announced that its drivers will no longer be compatible with 32-bit computers.

32-bit PCs doomed to disappear

While the future of computers is the development of quantum chips, 32-bit PCs seem to be part of a bygone era. What suggests that they will soon disappear even if there are still a lot in circulation: Windows XP is still running 3% of computers in France, for example.

Those who still have a 32-bit computer will undoubtedly have to think about changing it if they want updated drivers. At least if their graphics card is a GeForce Nvidia: 32-Bit systems will indeed no longer be supported by these graphics cards in the very near future.

2018: last year for 32-bit drivers

Nvidia announced on December 14, 2017 that 2018 will be a pivotal year: the company will be offering the latest updates for the drivers of its graphics cards for 32-bit computers. It leaves one year for the owners of such systems to change: from 2019 only 64-bit systems will be supported by the GeForce and Quadro drivers.

This change will occur with the R396 drivers in theory, while the R390 branch will still benefit from updates in 2018. But the announcement is not a surprise: the Nvidia GeForce Titan V, recently unveiled, does not support already more 32-Bits systems that will actually become increasingly rare.


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