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The game of money

The game of money

Specialist in business intelligence, organizational engineering and leadership

He has more than 17 years of experience in business development and more than 11 years as a Real Estate investor in Mexico and the United States. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a specialization in Business Intelligence from the University of Arizona and a degree in negotiation at Harvard. He is representative of the International Financial Education Forum called CASHFLOW, which for the first time will arrive in Mexico together with a group of experts and experienced business leaders such as Robert Kiyosaky and Darren Weeks.

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• Robert Kiyosaki, through his book “Rich Dad, por dad” said: “The faster your money moves, the higher your profits and the lower the risk”

• The idea is to see the work-saving investment relationship as a game, a real life game, where there is no option to stop playing and in which, due to ignorance, most people play in the same way and see trapped in what is called the rat race.

• Learn how we can play in a new way and the consequences of doing it this way.

Race of the Rat

This is the way most people play: exchanging time for money and in this way they get caught up in the vicious circle of work-spending-rest-indebtedness. Those who decide to play it like that, have predictable results.

• Live in a routine and monotonous way (repeat the same day 40 years, waiting only on Fridays)

• Live in debt

• Live enslaved by their source of income

• Live without dreams or aspirations

• Live accustomed and “accommodated” to the discomfort

What is the money game?

We have been playing a game for years and nobody taught us the rules, like every game, the money game has very clear rules, but if you enter the court without knowing them, you will surely lose it.

The order that Robert Kiyosaky proposes in his book “The Money Game” is:

• Get qualified advisors.

• Integrate and accelerate the power of financial forces, such as business, real estate, paper assets, money in the bank, bonds, etc.

• The main obstacle to overcome is the fear of losing money.

Game rules

• The economic system is designed to keep without money those who do not know how to play the game

• If you are not able to take care of the pennies, you will not be able to keep the weights

• Money only stays with those who respect it, this does not mean to adore or deify it

• Money is like oxygen, we only notice its importance when it is running out

• Money must be in motion, to generate more money

• Avoid bad debts, that is, those that only take money out of your pocket

• In matters of money, if something is being done by most, it is probably no longer a good idea

Why does nobody teach us the rules?

• The reality is that very few people know these rules of the game, it is NOT a conspiracy, they simply do not teach them because they do not know them.

What is the first instruction we receive from the money?

• The first instruction we receive from the money is: take child, have this money to go to the store. The first instruction is to spend!

What is our first contact with money?

• Expense

Who teaches us about finance?

• 90% of the information we have about money, we get from home.

Mentality, patterns, emotions related to money

• What are your emotions regarding money? What do you know about money? What do you think about the rich? All these answers have to do with your relationship with money and that determines your results with it.


• Make peace with the money

• Identify your mental patterns with money

• Learn the rules of the money game

• Get closer to your results, interacting with people who are where you want to be

• Generate assets (everything that puts money in your bag) and decrease liabilities (everything that takes money out of your bag)

• Reprograms the money instructions, that is, all your financial results is what you think about it, if you modify the money instructions you will generate new results

• The money instructions of the rich are very different from the money instructions of the poor, create money instructions for the rich

• The information to change your relationship with money is everywhere; the most valuable thing is what you do with that information

• Today there are thousands of advisors and financial coaches who have a lot of information but few results, approach those who say and demonstrate what they say with results.


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