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The great new features of the new iPhone X

The differences with respect to the iPhone 8 are quite significant. What makes the iPhone X really such a unique product?


In Apple’s last Keynote of September 12, where its new products were introduced, the tenth anniversary of its most iconic terminal, the iPhone, was also celebrated.

The Cupertino company made clear that it still has a lot to prove and remains one of the world’s leading referents, making it clear with the presentation of the new iPhone X, which Tim Cook referred to as “the future of smartphones, a product that will mark the future of technology in the next 10 years.”

A mobile that breaks with all the schemes established until that moment, and that hopes to be, unlike its predecessor the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, a real success.

That same day was also presented the iPhone 8, but undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist was the iPhone X. The differences between both are quite significant, with the iPhone 8 and improvement of 7 and X, a real revolution.

Tim Cook has called it “magic”, more than just a mobile, a machine with an exquisite and minimalist design but capable of performing 600 billion operations per second, thanks to the A11 Bionic chip.

Now, what makes the iPhone X really such a unique product? Is the difference between the previous models of the company so great? These are undoubtedly their most striking novelties:

An innovative display:

The iPhone X stands out for being all screen, a Super Retina of 5.8 inches that extends to the extremes. In addition the previous models reproduce video in HDR and Dolby vision, while the iPhone X has an HDR screen that uses OLED technology instead of LCD / LED, which allows reproducing different shades of much deeper blacks and dazzling colors. Its contrast is significantly higher than in the two models of iPhone 8.

Face Recognition (Face ID):

Back has been left to have to slide your finger to unlock your phone, just like the fingerprint reader. The new iPhone is able to scan your face, both day and night, regardless of whether you wear a beard, glasses, or change your hairstyle. With its sophisticated system that has a reader capable of recognizing more than 30,000 invisible points and configuring your face, thanks to the automatic learning that adapts to the changes in your appearance over time.

The camera features

It has a dual camera of 12 Mpx. It promises selfies that stand out for their sharpness and their blurred background, which combined with the illumination of the portraits, gives it a touch of professional photography. This is possible thanks to the True Depth technology of the front camera, which scans your face and calculates your facial features.

In addition the camera has telephoto and optical image stabilization (OIS) in its 2 rear cameras, which work even in low light conditions.


The same TrueDepth technology attached to the A11 Bionic chip, is the one that manages to capture more than 50 muscular movements and reproduce them in 12 different emojis.

No doubt, no one can deny that we are facing an impressive Smartphone, with which Apple has put all the meat on the grill and expects to surprise us as much as 10 years ago, when the genius Steve Jobs gaped at us introducing us the first Smartphone that changed to always the future of mobile technology. Although not less impressive is its price, which exceeds the barrier of 1,000 Euros.



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