Home Technology The HTC VIVE Pro ad is confirmed

The HTC VIVE Pro ad is confirmed

The announcement of HTC Vive Pro brings us design and hardware improvements designed for the premium user and not for the most precarious portfolios.

The HTC VIVE Pro ad is confirmed
HTC Vive Pro

Little time has passed since the beginning of this new year. 2018 is loaded with expected releases. However, a company has decided to be among the first to surprise. After several rumors and speculation, confirms the announcement of HTC Vive Pro , a new virtual reality device that significantly improves several aspects of its predecessor. It has no confirmed date and is intended for the most enthusiastic user so we predict that it will not be for everyone.

HTC Vibe Pro presents a new design more “slim” and careful about the one launched two years ago and that certainly jumps out. It includes two OLED screens with a 78 percent higher pixel density. In combination, these two monitors offer a resolution of 1880 x 1600 which allows us to see better all the VR content.

The new device includes high performance and precision headphones. They are built in the structure of the glasses and contain an amplifier. In the front we find two microphones with active noise cancellation. On the other hand we have cameras that will inspire the creation of applications based on augmented reality.


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