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The incredible Extremadura forest with five trees over 500 years old

The Castaños Del Temblar, in the middle of the Ambroz valley, is the center of one of the most spectacular and special routes at any time of the year

Castaños del Temblar, near Segura de Toro, in the Ambroz Valley

With the fall of its leaves and delivery of its nutritious fruits, the chestnuts begin to bare their beauty without complexes. In its search we reach the chestnut trees of the Tremble, protagonists of one of the most beautiful places of the Ambroz valley.

Located in the vicinity of the town of Segura de Toro , in Cáceres, to see them you have to walk for 1.8 km along a path that, uphill and with blurred white and green signs of short path, crosses a magnificent rebollar, now of rusty tones, thanks to the embrace of autumn. Among them stands the reddish and golden of maple and elder trees so that, amid such a warm panorama, we can finally see, from above, the pretty set of chestnuts.

They take refuge in a small valley on the banks of the Temblar stream on a private estate that used to be an orchard. Now, in the chestnut harvest season, the farm remains closed to visitors-from the beginning of October until January 10-since it is the only way that the owners have found to preserve the unique fruit of centuries-old trees.

However, from the perimeter of the farm, you can enjoy without obstacles of such a beautiful natural spectacle. Since their imposing crowns appear exceeding a perimeter of 26 meters, if they still retain their leaves clinging to the branches. Similar is its height and the outline of its trunk difficult to cover if several people are not linked, because they exceed nine meters. All have more than 500 years of age and some are estimated to have already exceeded 800 years, ranking among the oldest beings on the planet.

Castaños del Temblar, in the Ambroz Valley

Even being of the same species and grown in the same environment, each one has a very different vegetal aspect; one could almost define its character by the unique and unmistakable appearance of each long-lived chestnut. Thus, El Hondonero, settled in the lowest area of the farm, is the one that welcomes with its 700 years of history, after crossing the stream. It is not for less than we are before the one of more imposing bearing between these singular trees of Extremadura.

Unmistakable is the imprint in its trunk of the successive prunings. The technique, known as the cross, allowed to obtain long useful branches to be used in the beams of the houses; while its growth in the vertical allowed the tree to receive more light and thus favored a greater production of chestnuts.

Its 25 meters high cannot hide the slope up to El Bronco , recognizable by the spirals of its trunk and its twisted branches, even some growing towards the ground, against gravity, which demonstrate its tenacity of being alive during the long passage of time , since it has more than 700 years.

It is the recognizable Twist with the large knots and curved fibers that characterize its beautiful crust, furrowed with deep grooves grown in a perfect wrapping spiral.

There is the Castaño Del Arroyo, which shows its open trunk in five sprouts, among which there is a dry trunk where his life began. The avatars of time have left a deep mark on the appearance of this specimen that is the oldest of all, since it has been estimated that it exceeds 800 years of age.

At the top of this horticultural farm where chestnuts were once farmed and vegetables grown, El Menuero is still known for giving the smallest chestnuts of all, a reasonable natural strategy, since it has the least soil and water available of its roots.

Vetonic lands

Castaños del Temblar, in the Ambroz Valley

It is hard to leave the beautiful print of the chestnut trees on your back without taking a last look at the mosaic of ochres and yellows that are adorned in this era. The hawks flying low over the oak grove, the curious blue climber ascending the vertical of their trunks or the unmistakable sound of the lesser beak taurenando his heartwood will be companions of path until returning to Segura de Toro.

From its origin, veton presumes the town because it is the oldest nucleus of the valley. Its panoramic views and the remains of the wall of its Templar castle, as well as the stone bull that is the urban symbol by which any visitor ends up happening since a replica of it is located in the town square. They will complete this tour through one of the corners of the Ambroz with more rural personality.

To continue enjoying the autumn in the valley nothing better than following in the footsteps of the festival “Magical Autumn of Ambroz” On October 28 and 29, programming began, welcoming the fall to continue each week with an attractive date of enjoyment until the end of November . Thus, the historical Route of the Silver, whose route was impelled by the Roman emperor Trajano, commemorates realizing the footpath that connects the localities of Béjar, Baths of Montemayor and Hervás. They are 25 km to walk on foot without difficulty and accompanied by sports clubs in the area, for which prior registration is required.

Under the name “Rutas y paisanaje” there is a complete program of weekend hiking to enjoy both the natural and cultural values that make the Ambroz Valley a tenth destination in terms of sustainable tourism. Musical concerts, photography, gastronomic days, transhumance festival, bicycle itineraries, solidary meeting and mountain race complete a very magical autumn in the Ambroz without losing sight of its most beloved trees, the chestnut trees.


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