Home Technology Automotive The Infiniti QX50 is presented with new VC-Turbo engine

The Infiniti QX50 is presented with new VC-Turbo engine

The Infiniti QX50 is presented with new VC-Turbo engine
The Infiniti QX50 is presented with new VC-Turbo engine

The new mid-size luxury SUV is presented in Los Angeles, California, with the most innovative technologies, outstanding design, incomparable interior space and a completely new platform; It is the most attractive INFINITI to date.

Infiniti QX50 2019 is assembled on a completely new platform, featuring a front engine mount with front drive. This platform allows higher levels of storage efficiency than before, which results in the ideal interior proportions of the new QX50 for passengers and cargo.

In addition, QX50 2019 introduces for the first time the automotive use of high strength steel SHF (Super High Formability) 980 MPa, which further strengthens the platform. The material of high tensile strength can be molded in unprecedented ways, saving weight and representing an improvement of the torsional strength of 23% compared to previous versions of the QX50.


A unique power for an SUV

The VC-Turbo is the first variable compression ratio engine ready for production in the world, which challenges the notion that only hybrid and diesel powertrains can offer high torque and efficiency.

This is a breakthrough in the design of the internal combustion engine, as the 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine adjusts its compression ratio to optimize power and efficiency. By combining the power of a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine with the torque and efficiency of a four-cylinder diesel engine, it becomes an attractive alternative to diesel engines.

Thanks to the multiple link system, the range of the pistons is continuously increased or decreased to transform the compression ratio. High compression ratios assist in efficiency, while low ratios allow for greater torque and power. The VC-Turbo offers a compression ratio between 8: 1 (force and power) and 14: 1 (performance and efficiency), maximizing driver control.


The VC-Turbo engine offers 268 hp and 280 lb.-ft. of torque, the best combination in its class expected of four cylinders in power and torque. The QX50 2019 would offer a fuel economy of 11.48 km / L (in the front-wheel drive version, 11.05 km / L for the 4WD version). The front-wheel drive models offer a 35% improvement in fuel efficiency over their previous versions and the models with all-wheel drive offer an improvement of 30%.

The vehicle has a continuous variable transmission (CVT, for its acronym in English), for uninterrupted power delivery. Its innumerable gears match the ability to transform the engine.

Semi-autonomous driving in Infiniti QX50 2019


In the QX50 2019, ProPILOT Assist technologies focus on the control of acceleration, braking and steering in a single lane; what gives total control. The autonomous driving technology used by this new SUV is designed to increase driving pleasure as well as driver confidence, and is activated at the push of a button.

François Bancon, Vice President of Product and Programs, commented: “INFINITI’s ProPILOT Assist technologies offer assistance when necessary and increase both driver’s confidence and driving experience.We intend to empower the driver and improve the pleasant feeling of being behind of the steering wheel through technologies that do not eliminate it from the driving equation.The new QX50 will set a new benchmark in the larger premium segment. ”


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