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The iPhone X does not finish in Spain but exceeds expectations in China, according to Kantar


The iPhone X does not finish in Spain

We already have data from specialized consultant Kantar on the reception in the market of the last flagship of Apple, the iPhone X, during its first months of life. The terminal has not had great reception in countries like Spain, however it seems that it has entered through the front door in China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

These data also reveal that despite the launch of its last three devices (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X) Apple decreased its share by 0.6% in five major European markets (staying with 23.9%) compared with the same period of the previous year, and 3.8 points United States, where its market share reached 39.8%.

What happened in Spain?

Continuing with Europe, Cupertino also lost presence in Spain, where during the last quarter of 2017 accounted for 12.7% of the share compared to 13% the previous year, which keeps Apple below other European countries such as Italy, where they have a 15.8% share, France with 22.7% and especially in the United Kingdom, where the company leaves 43%.

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As we say, not only Apple has lost share in Spain, but the iPhone X has not managed to penetrate the country as much as it should. This brief impact of Apple’s flagship terminal in Spain has to do with the strong competition from companies like Samsung, BQ and Huawei, in addition to the recent premiere of Xiaomi with its direct channel, which has also placed the Xiaomi RedMi 4X as the best-selling phone in the country.

Another company that has been affected by the landing of Xiaomi in Spain has been LG, which has seen its share has decreased from 9.1% to 5.3% in the last 3 months. Following with the iPhone X, in the United States, was surpassed by the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in November, although it was placed among the three best-selling phones, surpassing the Galaxy S8 that occupies the sixth position.

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The iPhone X was also the best selling phone in Japan in November, where it stands with a share of 18.2%, followed closely by the iPhone 8 with a 17.2% share. In the case of China, the demand for the iPhone X has exceeded all expectations, reaching a market share of 6%. In addition, in the Asian giant Apple’s demand for phones is not as much from previous users as in Europe and the United States, but that more and more are migrating from other brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung.


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