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The last Jedi will be the first to go Hunting Bargains

star wars the last jedi
star wars the last jedi

Today is a day of celebration for fans of Star Wars with the premiere of The Last Jedi, but it is also a cause for partying because it is Friday… and knowing that it touches the weekly review of videogame offers. Because yes, here we have a new Bargain Hunting with the most juicy sales (and reservations).

Videogame offers for PC

Humble Store

  • We changed the usual order to start with Company Heroes 2, which is FREE at the Humble Store . There is still one day left to finish the offer, so we can save 19.99 euros with this chollazo.
  • If we like the experience, we can also buy Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection, with all the serial content (the main game plus its three expansions: The Western Front Armies, Ardeness Assault and The British Forces) for only 9.99 euros. The promo still lasts three days.
  • Although it is clear that the pull of the week stars in the saga of Star Wars, and nothing better than the Star Wars Classic Collection , with classics such as X-Wing or Rogue Squadron, for 17.99 euros.
  • Those who prefer to opt for two of the best RPG experiences, not only in the saga, have it very easy with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for 3.39 euros and its sequel, The Sith Lords , for another 3.39 euros.
  • For something more casual, there is the option of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga , which for 6.79 euros includes episodes I through VI.
  • Meanwhile, as could not be missed, the Humble Bundle highlight of the week is starred in the racing games of Codemasters, with titles such as Toybox Turbos, several editions of F1 , some GRID, or even DiRT Rally and the return of the Micro Machines, up to 12.66 euros.


  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was not the first. Before it was already H1Z1, and in fact is the highlight this weekend on Steam to be able to play for free for a week. If we like what we see, we can buy it for 4.99 euros.
  • Killing Floor 2, the cooperative shooter of Tripwire Interactive, stars in another free weekend . We can buy it later for 13.99 euros.
  • And since there are not two without three (or four), both the first Homefront and its continuation, Homefront: The Revolution , you can play for free this weekend, with the option to buy the latter for 7.49 euros. There is even a pack with all the content of both (DLC of all kinds, of course) for 16.59 euros.
  • It is worth mentioning Battle Chasers: Nightwar , more for the good RPG that it is, than for the discount itself (only 33%): 20.09 euros; and the Tacoma space proposal , the new thing by the creators of Gone Home, which is much more attractive for 9.99 euros.


  • Finally, GOG is still active Winter Sale, where, apart from getting surprise gifts for each star that we unlock, we have the most juicy offers, such as the GOTY edition of The Witcher 3 for 19.95 euros .
  • With less discount, but equally interesting, they are Cuphead for 16.99 euros, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice for 22.49 euros. Or the newcomer Finding Paradise for 8.99 euros. Without forgetting that all these purchases will report extra euros to our balance for subsequent acquisitions.
  • The Star Wars KOTOR are also promo here, and cheaper than in the Humble Store: the first for 2.89 euros and its sequel for 2.89 euros. But the older we have Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy for 2.89 euros and its sequel, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast, for 2.89 euros, or the Star Wars Battlefront II (the original 2005) by the recurring 2.89 euros.

Videogame offers for consoles

Xbox One

  • From everything that MajorNelson has announced, we highlight the Premium pass of Battlefield 1 for 15 euros. A chollazo to include all its expansions.
  • If you miss Joe and Mac, the Spanish Caveman Warriors can be a good choice for 10.04 euros, especially to play with three other colleagues.
  • It does not reach the quality of the Souls, but The Surge for 20 euros already looks better.
  • Same as that lot of Styx ( Master of Shadows and Shards of Darkness ) for 15 euros if we are fans of the action with touches of stealth. And of fantasy.
  • Or relive the first Mega Man with his Legacy Collection for 6 euros.


  • On a day as marked as today, it is not surprising that Star Wars Battlefront II is 50% offer (until tomorrow) for only 34.99 euros.
  • If we prefer something more casual, there is the LEGO Star Wars option : The Force Awakens – Deluxe Edition for 20,99 euros if we are Plus.
  • Apart from the free weekend, we can buy Injustice 2 in its standard edition for 31.49 euros, or for 49.49 euros for its Ultimate Edition (with access to all its wrestlers and more), if we are PlayStation Plus users.
  • One of the biggest discounts (64%) is starred in the recent The Evil Within 2, which will be until the 19th at only 24.99 euros and if we still do not play the first, we have the first The Evil Within for only 5.99 euros with Plus.
  • And beware, that the promo of 2 for 30 euros is still active , and with games such as The Last of Us RemasteredFallout 4The Last GuardianPrey

News and reservations

Of everything new or what is to come, we highlight the following:

  • You can not miss in the catalog of any user of Wii U or Nintendo Switch the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the best game of 2017 for almost everyone. From $ 56 99 we have an unforgettable adventure for a while…
  • Or Super Mario Odyssey, another of the great of the year. For $54.98.
  • Without leaving the Nintendo Switch, it is worth remembering the last great launch of the year: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For $ 58 85.
  • The Evil Within 2 is highly recommended for horror fans, especially PC physics, costing only $ 32 99 17.90 euros. In consoles comes a tad.
  • Oteando the horizon, the first bombing of 2018 is called ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, and his reserve is set, for now, at 61.99 euros.
  • Although there are many who hope to make the jump to Monster Hunter with Monster Hunter World, on sale on the same day as the previous (January 26), in this case for 62.90 euros. And beware, GAME will soon enable its collector.

As always, you have the comments to reflect any other type of offer or bargain. You also have other alternatives about technology and about Apple.


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