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The latest musical phenomenon on YouTube, a whole racist and sexist allegation

  • It is the last success of the singer Anitta, ‘Vai malandra’.
  • The video clip has accumulated more than 44 million views on YouTube in less than a week.
  • Black activists have accused Anitta of appropriating their cultural traits.
  • Also the feminist collective has attacked the singer for having hired Terry Richardson, denounced for his sexual behavior, to direct the video clip.
Vai malandra, the last hit of the Brazilian singer Anitta
Image of the video clip of ‘Vai malandra’, the last hit of the Brazilian singer Anitta.

The videoclip of the last musical success of the Brazilian singer Anitta has generated a great debate in Brazil, where she has been branded as racist and sexist when she appears dressed in tiny swimsuits. The song Vai Malandra (Go bad girl) begins with a close-up of the buttocks of the singer walking and riding a motorcycle through a favela in Rio de Janeiro. The controversial video, posted on December 18 on YouTube, this weekend accumulates more than 44 million views.

On the one hand, black activists have accused the artist – who usually has wavy or straight hair – of appropriating features of her culture to appear with braids in all the hair, while others have praised her for showing in the video a different image of a favela in Rio and shamelessly teach her cellulite.

However, the feminist collective has not hesitated to attack Anitta for having hired Terry Richardson to direct the videoclip after recent complaints about his sexual misconduct that have made Richardson happen to be on the ‘black list’ of publications such as Vogue.

For Juliana Borges, a researcher at the São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics, Anitta should not have chosen Richardson at a time when “women raise their voices against abuse, harassment and sexist violence in cultural industries”, he wrote in an article published in the female magazine Claudia. “The least we have to do is ensure that abusers are marginalized ,” Borges added.


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