Home Technology The Mac Mini of 2011 is already “obsolete”

The Mac Mini of 2011 is already “obsolete”

apple mac mini
apple mac mini

Apple declared its 2011 Mac Mini obsolete, so authorized repair centers and the same company are no longer required to service it.

Regularly, Apple declares its obsolete products five years after it stops making them, so this news should not surprise us. For now, the 2014 Mac Mini will continue to receive service.

Last April, Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing at Apple, said that the Mac Mini “continues to be important in its product line”; however, the company has not given news about the launch of a new model in the near future.

On the other hand, it is expected that this month the new iMac Pro will go on sale, which will have a base cost of 4 thousand 999 dollars, around 90 thousand pesos.


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