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The magnificent Civilization VI is released by surprise on iPad and you can get it temporarily at half price

Civilization VI
Civilization VI

One of the best strategy sagas there is no doubt that it is the ‘Civilization’ and its latest installment, ‘Civilization VI’, we categorize it as essential at the time, which makes it clear that we are not talking about any title and that is why we were happy that from today you can also buy a new version for iPad .

Of course, it is important to note that it will not work on any device and therefore will only be compatible in those who have iOS 11, which come to be the iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or any iPad Pro, so if your tablet is one of them, then you are in luck.

The version is the same as the original for PC with all its features, but of course with a control system adapted to the touch screen, to the point that its own creators say they have managed to capture the same experience. This way you can press and drag on the units to move them, for example, and also has a multiplayer mode but only for those who play also from iPad.

In the App Store, the game is free, although it has a trick. Any user can download it without paying anything until he plays the first 60 turns , moment from which a message will appear that will require paying $ 59.99 to continue enjoying it. However, until January 4 will be available at half price and therefore may be yours for 29.99 euros.

Civilization Vi 02

In February it is expected to release its first expansion ‘Rise and Fall ‘ in its PC version and for now Aspyr has not mentioned whether it will also be published for iPad. A little further up you can see the trailer for this new version of ‘Civilization VI’ in case you want to see how this great strategy title looks to play anywhere.



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