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The most beautiful natural parks in the world

Lush forests, imposing mountains, magical corners... we visit the most beautiful natural parks on the planet. Ready for the trip?


The national parks represent a magnificent collection of types and experiences of  landscapes of high contrast. In them you can walk through magical forests, spectacular mountains, glaciers, lakes or volcanoes of incredible beauty, in an exciting encounter for the best natural environments in the world. They are natural reserves that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

The first national park in the world was established in the United States, in Yellowstone. It did not pretend to be a radical new idea of ​​a young nation but it was the ‘best idea of ​​America’ despite being a practical solution for a territorial argument. It was supposed to become a state park, but the land of Yellowstone was in three territories and none of them was still a state. Hence, the Congress of the United States decided to turn it into a federal park.”

Yellowstone National Park became the first national park in the world on March 1, 1872 (later the National Park Service was created in the US on August 25, 1916 along with the establishment of many other natural parks).

The National Park Service, which has already passed its 100th anniversary, handles 409 parks spread over 84 million acres in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the US territories. UU These areas include national parks, monuments, battlefields, military and historic parks, historic sites, picturesque rivers, coasts, recreational areas, trails, and even the White House.

As a curiosity, the European Day of National Parks is celebrated every year on May 24, in commemoration of the declaration of the first European national park in Sweden on May 24, 1909, which aims to remember the key role of parks in the conservation of nature and the opportunities they offer us for social welfare.

1Yosemite National Park

2National Park of the Sequoias

3Denali National Park and Reserve

4Banff National Park

5National Park Iguazu

6Shenandoah National Park

7Mu Ko Similan National Park

8Plitvice Lakes National Park

9National park of Sierra Nevada

10Great Smoky Mountains National Park

11Los Glaciares National Park

12Timanfaya National Park

13Mount Rainier National Park

14Amboseli National Park

15Grand Canyon National Park of the Colorado

16Etosha National Park

17National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido

18Adirondack Park


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