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The most famous (and terrifying) real urban legends

The most famous (and terrifying) real urban legends
The most famous (and terrifying) real urban legends

Surely you know an infinity of urban legends, those supernatural and terrifying stories that are told to be scary in special moments, like in the celebration of Halloween or in the evenings we spent with a group of friends.

An urban legend can be defined as a story that belongs to contemporary folklore and that, although it contains improbable elements, is narrated as a fact that has really happened. Traditionally they were transmitted through word of mouth, but nowadays they also circulate via email, in WhatsApp chains or other instant messaging applications, as well as other similar ways.

Due to its paranormal or unlikely content, in most cases it is very complicated to know what is true in these stories. If you are interested in knowing some of the most famous real urban legends, take note because below we give you some examples.

5. The incident of the Diatlov Pass

One of the most famous real urban legends is the incident of the Diatlov Pass. This event took place at dawn on February 2, 1959 in the Ural Mountains, in an area located between the Republic of Komi and the Sverdlovsk Oblast (Russia) known as Kholat Syakhl, which means Dead Mountain in mansi.

According to the chronicles of the time, nine ski fans and a guide who were heading towards Mount Otorten camped in the area and died in strange circumstances. The researchers noted that the tent had been cracked from the inside by hikers, who went barefoot and with little clothing outside, where there was a temperature between -15 and -20 ° C. Some of them had tried to climb a tree.

Location Diatlov Pass | Google Maps
Location Diatlov Pass | Google Maps

In addition, the corpses showed signs of struggle. Two of them had a fractured skull and two broken ribs, another had part of the face, another had a broken neck and no tongue, and another had fractures in the chest and several teeth were missing. Four of the bodies had high levels of radiation, according to later documents. They did not have many external wounds but many internal wounds, as if they had been hit by a high level of pressure.

The investigators were not able to determine what had caused the death of the skiers and attributed it to “an unknown and insurmountable force”. The summary of the investigation remained in a secret archive until the 1990s, when it was made public with some lost pages.

The access to the place remained closed for three years and later it was renamed Paso Diatlov in honor of the leader of the expedition, Igor Diatlov, 23 years old. The incident has been taken to the cinema on several occasions and has starred in various documentaries and books.

Dyatlov step
Remains of the store that the rescue team found | Source: Wikipedia

4. The call of death

The call of death is a popular urban legend that we have all heard once and that has been a recurring theme in film and literature. Although there are different variants of the story, the general line is the same in all of them: a person receives a phone call that ends his life, either in a fulminating manner or after a certain interval of time.

Although it may seem incredible, this urban legend has a real base and was a relatively common phenomenon, especially during the 80’s in the United States. Actually it is not a deadly call, but it is the telephone that kills the person who takes it for a cardiac arrest. This happened when lightning struck in a nearby area, which produced a powerful electric shock that was transmitted through the dropped receiver to the body of the victim, causing a heart attack.

According to the authorities that investigated this type of case in the United States, in 1985 this phenomenon caused the death of at least one hundred people.

Call of death

3. The man in the sack

Traditionally, adults scare children with stories of monsters to get them to behave well. The man in the sack is one of the figures used for this purpose, and although you have thought all your life that it does not exist, it has a real base, it is one of the most famous real urban legends.

The event to which the origin of the expression “hombre del saco” or “sacamantecas” is attributed is known as the crime of Gádor and took place in 1910 in this town of Almería. Francisco Ortega, a patient with tuberculosis, is made to believe that he can be cured if he drinks the blood of a child and rubs his chest with his bowels.

With this idea in mind, Ortega went to look for his victim accompanied by a healer, who is the one who informed him of the supposed remedy for his illness. Together they found a seven-year-old boy, named Bernardo González Parra, playing alone, and they took him away in a sack . Afterwards, they desired it to death and extracted the tabs. The authorities discovered the crime and were sentenced to death by garrote vil. If you wish, in this link you can read the full chronicle of the period published in the newspaper ABC.

The real Sack Man | Source: ABCThe real Sack Man | Source: ABC

2. Escalators that swallow people

You may have heard an urban legend that tells a hard and dramatic fact: a mother is swallowed by an escalator trying to save her young son. If someone has told you about this event and you did not believe it, you should know that it is a real event that took place in a shopping center in Jingzhou in Hubei Province (China).

The security camera of the shopping center recorded everything that happened. The woman came with her young son to the end of the escalator when, when stepping on the metal platform at the top, the plate sank under his feet and the mechanism swallowed the mother, who managed to save her son for that was not also swallowed by the gears.

Although something so dramatic is not usual, accidents on escalators happen more than we think. In Spain, during 2016 there were four serious accidents, among them a trapping between the base and the steps, as well as 110 minor accidents, for example hands or fingers trapped in the handrail.

Mechanical stair

1. A mouse in a soda can

One of the most famous urban legends in Spain that you have surely heard on more than one occasion is the one that tells the story of a person who has found a mouse in a soda can. If you have ever heard it and doubted its veracity, let it be known that it is a real story that has happened in our country.

One of the documented cases took place in Meaño, a municipality of Pontevedra, in 2007. Sindo Abal, a 30-year-old man, reported that after drinking a can of soda he had bought at a supermarket in the town he had found a mouse inside.

“I did not know anything strange, until I began to notice a heavy thing in the can that moved when shaking the liquid,” said the affected. “The feeling of disgust when seeing that it was a rat can not be described with words, that day at home nobody was able to eat”.

Mouse in a can

This is not the only real case in which a person has found a mouse in a can. In 2013, a French citizen discovered a rodent inside a can of green beans, and in 2015 a couple from Buenos Aires (Argentina) found a baby rat in a can of peach in syrup.

However, not all findings are true. In 2012, a man from Wisconsin (United States) claimed to have found a mouse inside a can of Mountain Dew, a Pepsi soft drink. The brand denied it, claiming that the liquid is capable of dissolving the animal.



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