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The mysterious Nokia 4G with keyboard will be a new Nokia E71 (2018)

The mysterious Nokia 4G with keyboard will be a new Nokia E71
nokia e71

Together with the new Nokia Android for 2018 as the Nokia 9 we will also have a simple ‘feature phone’ with physical keyboard. What was once the mysterious Nokia 4G today is clarified a bit and it seems that we will have a new version of the Nokia E71, a mobile released in 2010.

Undoubtedly, the news of this week before Christmas has had Nokia as one of the protagonists. Several have been the new terminals that have emerged, as the Nokia 9, which thanks or because of the American FCC has revealed almost all its internal characteristics for the call to be top of the range of the Finnish brand in 2018. Although it was not the unique, since we also had the constancy of a mysterious model that we did not know where to locate. A Nokia with a physical keyboard smaller than the Nokia 2 but larger than the 3310.

A new Nokia E71 (2018)

Although for the current trend are a thing of the past and authentic relics, the truth is that the phones with keyboard still exist, and there are very popular models in emerging markets such as India or Africa. HMD Global, owner of Nokia and which this year succeeded in making the Nokia 3310 sell very well – although nostalgia also played an important role – knows how well the economic mobiles are sold in these markets, and among those who do not want or they can not be done with a current touch screen smartphone.

Registered in the American FCC as model Nokia TA-1047 , today has emerged an information on the network that describes this mobile as a new version of the Nokia E71, a terminal introduced in 2008 with a design similar to the Blackberry concept – the year of the most successful phones – that had a physical QWERTY keyboard that occupied half of the front of the device. This Nokia E71 (2018) is expected to be presented together with Nokia 9, the flagship that is speculated we will see in January 2018, a month and year that will arrive in a few days.

Will not be sold in China?

Equipped with a QWERTY keyboard like its predecessor, the (rumored) features of the Nokia E71 (2018) define a terminal with a 3.5-inch touch screen and 480p SD resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor designed specifically to bring 4G speed closer to low cost mobile phones and the feature phones of type Nokia 3310, and 1 GB of RAM. The internal space will be 8GB expandable by microSD, the rear camera will be 3 Megapixels and could have Dual SIM options according to the market.

Front and rear of the Nokia E71

The most curious thing is that this information from China suggests that the new E71 will not be sold in the Chinese market precisely because of its price (2000 yuan, about 256 euros), because if something is left over in this Asian market, smartphones with this price of more popular brands there such as Huawei or Xiaomi which are also cheaper, so Nokia should lower the price below the € 150 mark to start generating interest in China.


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