Home Entertainment The new life of the ‘triunfita’ Beth: mother, entrepreneur and Catalanist

The new life of the ‘triunfita’ Beth: mother, entrepreneur and Catalanist

The new life of the 'triunfita' Beth: mother, entrepreneur and Catalanist
The new life of the ‘triunfita’ Beth: mother, entrepreneur and Catalanist
  • Despite representing Spain in Eurovision, the finalist of the second edition of the contest has always defended its nationalist tendencies
  • The transsexual kiss, allegations of bullying… and other keys to the casting of ‘Operación Triunfo’

It was one of the 80,000 people who went to the casting of the second edition of Operación Triunfo, which started in October 2002, when David Bisbal, Chenoa, David Bustamante and Rosa still enjoyed their highest levels of popularity. Beth Rodergas (35) not only entered the contest, but became one of the most emblematic participants of his delivery: in addition to being a finalist along with Manu Carrasco and Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra, the winner, the Catalan became representative of Spain at the Eurovision festival.

These days, Beth herself has remembered her time at OT in the Academy that now directs Noemí Galeria. “It was all very surreal, I tried to make it normal, because I felt like a student who, like a contestant… I wanted to take advantage of the classes”, the singer said before the triumphs of this edition. “Everything that came after was wonderful, beautiful and very beast, but what I’m left with are four months inside, because you’re protected, it’s very cool and very funny,” he told them.

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On the other hand, he has confessed how was his experience in Latvia, where he represented Spain in Eurovision with the song Dime , with which he was in a more than acceptable eighth place. “It was a brutal experience, which I have benefited a lot, but I experienced it as a brown, I always said it, because I was the opposite of the song Tell me, I would have liked to have been taken with something that I believed and that In the end, I took it as a request, I should have been the only one who did not like the song, because people were freaking out, “he said during his recent visit to the TVE program.

Beth, who no longer wears her famous dreadlocks, has also left a message to that contestant who ends up becoming the representative of Spain in the next edition of the European festival, which will be held in Lisbon next May. “Eurovision has a lot of good things and we have to be prepared, because anyone can go with any topic, it’s a responsibility, I tried to take pressure off, because I had a lot of it, I tried to surround myself with mine, which is very important, or people who It was normal, you do not have to believe in God or the best in the world or those who say you are not worth shit, “he explained.

To England in search of anonymity

However, the Barcelonan has wanted to put more emphasis on what comes to the new triumphs once they return home. “Now you are here, everything is very intense and this is true, but calm and calm, you do not have to hurry, although everything is contradictory and everything will go very fast,” Beth Rodergas warned. “Fame has its good and bad things, it is important what you are going to find and how you are going to face it”, he added.

In addition to participating in Eurovision, the Catalan, who played with orchestras before breaking into television, has released a total of five albums. The first was put on sale in April 2003, two months after leaving the Academy: more than 200,000 copies of Otra realidad were dispatched , which obtained the double platinum record. But the interpreter of Dimeneeded to stop along the way and decided to take a break once he released a live album in 2004. “It was very cool everything, but I needed reassurance,” he confessed during his time at OT .

That’s why he packed his bags and went to England to live half a year. “There I was studying Instruments, it was the excuse, because I wanted to take the subway without anyone telling me anything,” he told the rest of the trio . Upon her return from the United Kingdom, Beth recorded her third album almost entirely in English, although it did not equal the success of sales: My Own Way Home debuted at number 57 on the Spanish list.

Without stopping working in Catalonia

Although during all this time he has edited two other musical works, both in Catalan, Rodergas has also tried his luck in other fields of entertainment. He has participated in almost a dozen plays, such as the production of Tirant Lo Blanc directed by Calixto Bieito in 2007, where the singer was naked on the stage; or as La Dona Vinguda del Future , a show co-written by Guille Milkyway – besides being behind the music La Casa Azul, he is one of the current professors of the OT Academy -. His last scenographic work, the experimental project Blank , was premiered last September in the Sala Muntaner of the Ciudad Condal.

On the other hand, Beth has intervened as a reporter and presenter in various TV3 spaces, in addition to debuting as an actress in the Lalola series , which aired Antena 3 in 2008. Within the interpretation, the film has jumped with Xtrems , directed by Abel Folk . However, none of these projects has returned the popularity it garnered when leaving Operación Triunfo . “Sometimes I go for Spain and tell me,” You’re the one who sang “I tell them that I still sing, but then tell me that they see me on TV.. You do not go on television, does not mean they do not work. You can to be doing theater, concerts or a thousand things, but I have stayed more here, “he explained in his recent visit to the TVE Academy.

Mother of two children and nationalist

On the sentimental level, Beth Rodergas has found stability with Joan Boix March, who works in the courier company Seur as head of the Barcelona area. As a result of this relationship two children have been born: Lia, almost six years old; and the 17-month-old little Kai, who had to be conceived through an in vitro fertilization due to the endometriosis that the artist suffers since her adolescence. In addition, motherhood has impelled her to start as an entrepreneur with the Little Lia children’s fashion line, made up of handmade accessories.

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In spite of representing Spain in Eurovision, in several occasions it has been speculated with the possible tendencies independentistas of the interpreter of Dime . On December 2 he participated in the charity concert organized by the Catalan National Assembly that was held at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona. According to several media outlets, the purpose of this act was “to nurture the Solidarity Fund with political prisoners, after paying several bonds and fines as a result of the process such as the members of the Parliamentary Bureau” and “face the judicial aggressions of the Spanish State “.

Already in 2003, Beth caused quite a stir by being part of the so-called Concert for Freedom. On that occasion, he wanted to clarify his nationalist inclinations in the press. “I am in favor of the right to decide and because I am very clear about my identity, even if I did not sing in Catalan, I have always been a Catalanist , I am no longer an independentist, but very much here and with my identity and roots. always clear, “he said in an interview with the newspaper ‘Ara’.


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