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The Nokia 9 and the Nokia 8 2018 would arrive in January with 18: 9 screens without frames

The Nokia 9 and the Nokia 8 2018 would arrive in January with 18: 9 screens without frames

Nokia has dedicated all year 2017 to get back on the map of mobile devices, because the market of networks always enjoyed their presence. The return of the former Finnish giant, now in the hands of HMD, has been punctuated by returns such as the Nokia 3310, now remodeled and taking advantage of the name of its ancestor, and a wide repertoire of models with Android.

Some time ago it was leaked what would be the catalog of Finns with Android, a catalog with a clear numerical ordering, however, is still incomplete today. The Nokia 9 that was on its way to the market never showed up and we now know, or think we know, that its arrival date would be set for January 19. But it would not come alone, we would have a new version of an existing device.

If you want coffee, take two cups

Nokia 9

Everything indicates that Nokia will have a very busy start to the year because its catalog will be closer to being complete with the Nokia 9 and a version of the Nokia 8 that by now we know as Nokia 8 2018 . Renewing devices is not a strange custom in the smartphone market, but it is rare that this supposed Nokia 8 2018 will leave so little time after the previous one. If it finally turns up in January, of course.

Of both models we know that they will carry the same processor, the Snapdragon 835 that has led the Android market throughout this year, and there are already features linked to the Nokia 9, the device we have been waiting for months. Some rumors mention 5.5 inches of QHD + screen, 2,880 x 1,440 pixels if it is finally confirmed that it will have an aspect of 18: 9, something that must happen with the Nokia 8 2018.

The Nokia 9 would arrive as a completely new model, and accompanied by a Nokia 8 2018 that would lose the frames and win a screen 18: 9

For the cameras of both, a couple of rear sensors with unknown function for now. Although knowing that the Nokia 8 came with a sensor specialized in black and white photographs, following the trend initiated by Huawei with its P9 more than a year ago, it could be the case that this system was repeated.

Anything else? Yes, both would have protection against IP67 dust and water , making them virtually submersible although, as we have said on occasion, it would be best not to put them to the test. Of course, none of these two future models, neither the Nokia 9 nor the Nokia 8 2018, would have a headphone jack. USB C or Bluetooth, the available alternatives for the audio of both.

As we say, both models are expected to debut next January 19 . Both with Chinese ROMs and international versions adapted to different markets but with common links such as Google Apps. There is not much left for this list of Nokia models to be completed with the Nokia 9. And with an intermediate renewal to, apparently, take advantage of the fashion of phones without frames. We will see how are both models.


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