Home Technology The offer of Muy: Geeksme, the watch that measures your sexual performance

The offer of Muy: Geeksme, the watch that measures your sexual performance

With its 4 modes of use, it is able to measure physical activity, sexual performance, sleep quality and ecological footprint according to your lifestyle. Get it now at a special price.


Four ways of connecting with life

Thanks to the g! Love mode you will be able to know, not only the number of times you maintain relationships and the time spent in each of them, but also the calories and fats burned, the average level of intensity, and even self-evaluate.

The fitness mode monitors the physical exercise you perform. Discover the steps and distance traveled daily, the calories and fats burned and the time of exercise. Reach all your goals and surpass yourself!

For its part, g! Sleep mode measures the quality of your rest during the night. Calculate the time and phases of deep and light sleep, the number of times you wake up and the time it takes you to fall asleep. Improve your sleep habits and sleep like a baby!

How many planets would be needed if everyone lived with your lifestyle? With g! Ecologicalyou will be aware of the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of your daily activities. You can calculate the ecological footprint of your lifestyle by combining static and dynamic information. Take care of your environment and reduce the footprint you leave on it!

bewitched by the businessman: an o'connell brother novel
bewitched by the businessman: an o’connell brother novel

Geeksme is equipped with all the functions you need to monitor the 4 most important aspects of your life: the affectivity, your physical state, your rest and your surroundings, and optimize them to the maximum!

Your App is compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS7 + . It has a 30-day memory, toughened glass touch screen with touch zone indicator and splash-resistant, and a strap with interchangeable designs: black, gray, green and violet.

It also has a range of 5 to 6 days, and is fully charged in just one hour and a half!

Do you want to make an original gift this Christmas? Get yours here: Geeksme, the watch that measures your sexual performance.


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