Home Technology Mobile The possible appearance of the Nokia 1 with Android Go is filtered

The possible appearance of the Nokia 1 with Android Go is filtered

The possible appearance of the Nokia 1 with Android Go is filtered
The possible appearance of the Nokia 1 with Android Go is filtered

Nokia is preparing strongly for 2018. Among its future releases is the Nokia 1, its lower-range mobile for emerging markets that will work with Android Go, the light version of the operating system. Now the first image of this device has been filtered.

Nokia 1: a light and cheap mobile for emerging markets

The idea behind the Nokia 1 is to create a device suitable for emerging markets that do not enjoy good connections and where cheaper terminals with more modest specifications are offered. In turn, Google created Android Go with these same intentions, offering an operating system preloaded with light applications and that works better in terminals with little RAM.

Under these ideas, the rumors put the Nokia 1 in the following conditions: a pricearound 80 euros, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory and a 720p screen. Its CPU would be a Snapdragon 212. Still it is necessary to know other details as the resolution of the camera or the inches of the screen, but they can be deduced by means of reducing the characteristics of the current Nokia 2. Therefore, we would talk about 5 inches or less, and a rear camera of 8 MP and a selfie  camera  of 5 MP maximum.

Continuing with the cameras, the dual cameras would clearly be avoided, except for a big surprise on the front. In the filtered aspect that we can see in the images above it is verified that it would only have a single objective in the rear area, which would be accompanied in the same module by a flash. In addition, there is no trace of a fingerprint sensor, which would be displaced to the front of existing. The materials also do not seem to be comparable to their older siblings, giving a sense according to the price range to which they focus.

Inside the route plan of Nokia: conquering all the ranges

Nokia’s plan is quite clear: expand across all ranges and territories to cover many users and markets. The Nokia 1 is a vital part of that strategy and went into their plans, as it was seen thanks to what was revealed by the Nokia 5 camera app. Other devices that will have to be pending by HMD Global in 2018 are the Nokia 4, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 9, which would point to the low, medium and high ranges respectively.

Meanwhile, the Nokia 6 (2018) has already been officially presented, so the year has started with Nokia keeping the pace of launches. The official presentation of the Nokia 1 is expected for the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. It will be then when we see the final aspect that this device of low range will look.


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