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The Samsung 360 Round camera focuses on virtual reality

It has 17 lenses and is designed to record and broadcast live 3D virtual reality videos.


In our technological present, and also on the horizon, they are both virtual reality as augmented reality. Maybe its incorporation is not being as fast as some experts predicted, but everything points to an industry that is in full development and that will change our lives.

One of the companies that are betting heavily on this technology is South Korea’s Samsung, which has just launched its new 360 Round camera. It is a system that will allow you to record and broadcast live high-quality 3D virtual reality content. For this it has a whopping 17 lenses (eight pairs of stereoscopic lenses in horizontal position and a single lens in vertical position). It broadcasts 4K 3D videos with spatial audio and creates deep 3D images.

Due to its characteristics, it looks like an almost all-terrain camera, since it is resistant to water and also to dust – it has IP651 certification – and that will allow us to use it in very diverse weather conditions. Therefore, it is an ideal option to capture content in environments that present greater challenges. Another of its advantages is that it does not incorporate fans and with that we achieve: on the one hand, eliminating the background noise -the recorded sound is much cleaner-; and, on the other, a compact design, since the size and weight is smaller.

Its additional features, such as PC software that allows you to control and join the images, or removable external storage, make the new 360 Round the perfect device for any job that requires many hours of recording .

The content in 360º, on the rise

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Samsung highlights that the rise of 360 content platforms, such as Samsung VR, Facebook or YouTube, and the proliferation of 360 videos, has increased the need to generate high quality 360 videos. And it is something that interests so much between the professionals as between the fans to the virtual reality. ” 360 Round is the first product that meets these needs by combining high quality and 360 degree images with advanced 3D depth at an affordable price compared to other professional 360 cameras,” explains Samsung.

This camera takes high quality 3D images with a 4K camera, thanks to its 17 lenses, which capture a 360 degree view to offer a complete 3D experience. In addition, it provides live streaming “with little or no latency and simply”, as specified by the South Korean company, with Samsung software that allows the union of images in one step.

Built on a one-piece chassis designed to reduce heat (and thus eliminate the need for a cooling fan), it is also designed to easily connect to additional equipment, such as an external microphone (it has two ports for external microphones), as well as to store large files.

We have to talk about the price. Although we do not yet have an official price, some specialized media suggest that this camera will be around $ 10,500, which would take it away from the category of consumer product – and, therefore, the average user – to bring it closer to the scope pseudo professional


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