Home Technology The Samsung folding phone, Galaxy X, until 2018

The Samsung folding phone, Galaxy X, until 2018

The Samsung folding phone, Galaxy X, until 2018

It is no secret that the world’s leading cell phone manufacturers work on cell phones with flexible screens. Among them, is Samsung, which could surprise us soon?

According to the Business Korea newspaper, Samsung will launch its first folding phone next year, under the name of Galaxy X, which reaffirms the rumors that emerged last April.

The Galaxy X would sport a flexible screen with a curvature of 1.0R, that is, the panel could be folded completely like a sheet of paper.

So far, the details of the technology used by South Korea are unknown, but analysts believe that it would have devised a method to process the joints of the panel separately to make it thinner, and thus make it more flexible.

The newspaper recalls that Samsung has registered several patents in an attempt to prepare the way for the launch of flexible phones. Likewise, LG is another manufacturer that is developing type screens.

In fact, since last October it transpired that LG would be the manufacturer of the folding displays for Apple, as the brand of the apple would be unveiling a smartphone that doubles in 2020.

According to analysts, the first flexible phone will go on the market in one or two years, and by 2021, will represent just 1% of global sales of cell phones.


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