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The share of iOS suffers from the late arrival of the iPhone X, except in Spain and China

The share of iOS suffers from the late arrival of the iPhone X, except in Spain and China

Sometimes it is convenient to see the full picture of any situation but without neglecting the detail, as in the case of Apple’s quota at the end of October, the tenth month of the year. In this case, the photograph shows growth in sales of Apple although timid, 0.3% worldwide, but the detail reveals that the giant of California has lost weight in many markets worldwide.

That 0.3% growth of Apple worldwide, making it possible for Samsung to take off and Huawei continue its particular persecution cutting time, is being powered mainly by two markets. China and Spain, all analyzed by Kantar, are the only ones that give the face to defend an Apple that has suffered too much waiting iPhone X.

Apple falls but must go back as never

Kantar sales

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus already on the street, but with the iPhone X as a promise on the horizon that arrived between the end of October and the beginning of November, Tim Cook’s kids have seen how their operating system share resented practically in every corner of the planet. As we said, only Spain and China have sustained the growth of the brand, much more the second than the first, logically.

Apple, from October 2016 to October 2017, has lost presence in markets as important as the German, with a 1.6% drop, or as the American, home of the brand and the land where it has always been more powerful. In the land ruled by Trump, Apple has fallen by 7.6% in quota with respect to 2016. A United States that, in addition, has seen how Android increased its share by 8.2% at the expense of an ill-fated Windows for mobile .

The increase in China, with 0.5% more share, and in Spain lead Apple to 0.3% growth worldwide

In China and Spain, however, things have gone well for Apple. According to data from Kantar, Apple has increased its presence in the Iberian country by 4.4% while China, the main mobile market at the moment, has seen Apple grow by 0.5% . From 16.9% to 17.4% in a territory that absorbs a large number of phones every month and in which Android, again as opposed to Apple, has lost 0.5% of quota than those of Cupertino They have won.

Now, with the iPhone X in circulation, Apple seems to be on track to achieve a record sales quarter worldwide, something that has already achieved the iPhone 7 with almost 80 million phones that happened to be in the pockets of their customers. We’ll see how it goes, because everything depends on how the catalog worked in the last two months of the year. In the iPhone X we trust.


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