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The shell type phones continue to evolve: Samsung will present the W2018 on December 1

Samsung W2018

Shell phones live; the fight goes on in a mobile market where we seem invaded by the only phone model with many brands behind them. Not everything turns out to be that way. Not all are tactile rectangles of glass and metal; there is also room for devices with the members of the Samsung W line, which seem to have a more than decent acceptance.

And proof of this is that they last for ten years and are reluctant to leave the catalog of the Korean manufacturer, more specifically the Asian catalog of the manufacturer who is about to put into circulation its future Samsung W2018, the new edition of its terminals close and hang up A phone with two 4.2-inch FullHD screens that have days to see the light.

The future Samsung W2018


No surname Galaxy for a phone that, however, has Android on board to take over all the management of the software and hardware of the Android phone and also with worthy specifications of any flat screen flagship that we can see now running the market.

This W2018 that must arrive on December 1 will count, or so the leaks say, with a Snapdragon 835 on board, the most powerful Qualcomm processor to date and that is also present in both Galaxy S8 and Note 8 launched months after a processor that will be accompanied by 6GB of RAM and, of course, 128GB of internal storage.

If confirmed opening f / 1.5 for your camera, we would be before the most luminous mobile camera manufactured to date

To its future camera of 12 megapixels is adding an opening f / 1.5 still unconfirmed and that would become the widest view in a mobile phone so far, since the LG V30 has a f / 1.6 and crown right now this ranking of luminosity and openings. For the front, 5 megapixels for selfies that would be inside with the phone closed.

The W2018 will also have biometric identification. The fingerprint reader is now confirmed for unlocking and other tasks but it is also talking about iris reader, the same recognition system released by Note 7 a year ago, and re-released by Note 7 Fan Edition, and present in other flagships of the Koreans.

2,300 mAh and Nougat series would complete the specifications of a cover phone that points very high, not in vain will become the mobile of the tenth anniversary of this family of Samsung flip phones. We will see how it works and, above all, if you decide to leave China. We will be attentive to what happens to him in the coming months.


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