Home Technology The silent revolution of technology, which affects us all.

The silent revolution of technology, which affects us all.

We live the silent revolution of technology. Let's see how it has changed the habits and customs of all of us in less than 50 years.

Text The silent revolution of technology, which affects us all.
The silent revolution of technology, which affects us all.

The history of humanity raises stages where events happen that change human beings in how they did things and even how they behaved. The industrial revolution, for example, suddenly caused many people to lose their jobs and many people had to literally re-invent themselves in order to survive. After the atomic bomb the world changed and we already know that a new world war would simply be devastating for the human race.And if all these changes have moved the world, technology has also done its thing.

When the 8-bit computers began to come out, which had a tiny power to what we can now have in our desks, surely no one could imagine what would come. And the miniaturization of chips, of circuits arrived, and then the first audio players arrived. With the arrival of the MP3 format and the network of networks, Internet, then people began to share the music and in a few years they put the record companies in crisis.

But the digital cameras were also invented and without being able to stop its advance, it ended the business of developing photography. And the places where this type of work was done began to disappear. Technology was beginning to make a revolution where the old ways of doing things began to disappear almost radically. Today, for example, the business of photography has taken a 180-degree turn and practically, for most people, everything is already digital but clear, for specialists there will always be options, less than before, but there will be.

And with the arrival of smartphones, with the very arrival of the phones that could connect to the Internet, it took us almost to cannibalize the cameras and [appbox googleplay iPods, which began to be part of the phone’s hardware. It is not a coincidence that Wozniak’s quote in the sense that the iPod would disappear soon.

A similar path is beginning to be seen with electronic books. Some people say that the book will not disappear, and maybe it is, but obviously with the new technologies we see that there are many books in PDF format, that have been scanned by anonymous in the network and that now with a click can be downloaded to our computer and it seems that as happened with music, now books could radically change the business model because clearly if this trend continues, or for writers it will be business to write.

But if we go to new technologies and media, despite the great virtues offered by being connected to the Internet, to be able to see both written and multimedia information via our computer screens, this possibility is strongly affecting the field of television and electronic media. Today, for example, we see that the “youtubers” are invited to participate in television programs, because these are the new comedians. And worse, with the policies of companies such as Televisa, which has had to start closing the key of the big salaries to its stars to eventually fire them, these characters have gone to the Internet, and youtubers are looking to survive in this terrible competitive world.And maybe thanks to the fame they already had on TV, they can stay,

And if anyone still has doubts, see how devices like Rocku or Amazon, are suddenly giving television content to the user’s demand. The schedules and the power of the television stations are over to transmit when they decided, the series that we liked. Today we can see it at the time we want at the time we want and in the device that comes to mind. And suddenly the contents do not have to do those who work in the television and suddenly the Radio has the same problem (although smaller), because you can already do Internet radio. And in a blink of less than 50 years, things changed to the point that the silent revolution is already here and who does not adapt to it, simply can not survive.

Revolutions are always difficult lessons to understand or assimilate, but they are present throughout human history. They are not necessarily bad or good.Everything depends on whether the world on average improves and that is where we have to evaluate whether we are doing things right or wrong, of course, as a human race.


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