The Tamagotchi is back

These are six Tamagotchi that go on pre-sale today and on sale on November 5 for $ 15.

Bandai America
The Tamagotchi, perhaps your first pet before you can have a real dog or cat, returns next month.

Bandai America, the company behind this small key-shaped device, announced Tuesday that the Tamagotchi will go on sale on November 5, although you can book it from today with a price of US $ 15 per unit.

The company says that the launch of the Tamagotchi is to celebrate that this 2017 is commemorated the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the gadget to the United States. Also, Bandai says the units will be limited – so if you want the digital pet, you must hurry before it is depleted and resold by inflated prices.

Bandai America says that these Tamagotchi are identical to those launched there in 1997, although they are smaller than the original version. (Engadget, who already had access to one, says the screen is now 16×16 pixels, unlike the original 32×16 version).

The 20-year-old Tamagotchi continue with the black and white LCD screen and its shell is still egg-shaped – to keep the experience going back to the 90’s. Bandai will market six designs and each one includes six different pets.

When a person buys a Tamagotchi he has to take care of them as if he were a real pet giving him food, cleaning and playing with them – all in a virtual way with just a few buttons. If you forget to perform one of these tasks, the Tamagotchi makes a noise to get your attention. Bandai, originally from Japan, had already relaunched the device in his homeland a few months ago.

Beyond celebrating the second decade of its original launch, the Tamagotchi will take advantage of the nostalgic fever that seems to be the epidemic between companies and consumers. Not only in the cinema they return refritos like the film IT, but also they are returning consoles of old as the SNES Classic of Nintendo.


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