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The ten professions that still do not exist but that will mark the labor market of the future

Today, May 1, Labor Day is celebrated in a good part of the world, a festivity in which the improvement of working conditions, better wages and greater respect for the dignity of the worker are claimed.

The ten professions that still do not exist but that will mark the labor market of the future

Everything points to the fact that in the not too distant future, robots will openly incorporate into the labor market, helping and improving the conditions of many workers, but at the same time putting at risk more rudimentary professions or with less creative demand.

Therefore, it is important to consider what the professions that will come in the future may be to mark the future of the labor market.

Data scientist Big Data, Smart Data, Fast Data… Technology makes it possible to collect millions of data about each person, whether through mobile phones, the Internet or connected devices. The real-time analysis of filtered data will be essential for any company that wants to offer personalized products or services to its customers and be able to stay in business, but for this it will be necessary that there are scientists capable of giving value to the information provided by the machines. Companies that help their clients to transform themselves digitally and take advantage of the intelligence provided by the data to adapt to the market will be key.

Director of knowledge. In an increasingly globalized world, mergers, purchases and unions of companies from different sectors, origins or industries will be increasingly common. Achieving a common corporate culture that integrates heterogeneous teams and being able to understand the possible synergies will allow companies that have a director of knowledge, able to understand the different possibilities offered by the new corporation.

Consumer manager the community manager is a very narrow figure of possibilities when generating business in the company, but we must go a step further. It is no longer about communicating and attracting users to the business, but about helping they have a personalized and satisfactory shopping experience. Help attract qualified traffic but also optimize conversion rates.

Online watcher It is customary to enter a company and see a security guard at the door, lathes, IDs, but why does not the same thing happen in the digital world? Having strict security policies in the online business, whether through PC or mobile is essential to avoid information theft, denial of service attacks, kidnappings of business assets. The speed with which new technologies appear, reports of attacks, malware families or failures of global impact make security an increasingly important challenge for companies, governments and users around the world, according to ESET..

Social networks broker. The communication between creative teams from different countries or subsidiaries of the same organization will have to be more fluid in a globalized world. The social media broker must be able to see in real time any publication made on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and “steal it with pride” to get more out of their budgets in communication without increasing production or creativity costs.

Export aggregate In the same way that embassies have cultural aggregates, companies should have an aggregate of international markets that serves to know the local environment of the countries in which you want to do business and thus be able to adapt the products to each local need, analyzing something more than the business or financial point of view.

Delegate of data protection. Next May, 2018, the new European data protection regulation comes into force. In order to harmonize the regulatory framework, companies should have a specialist who is able to implement and monitor that all legislation is met, because “the new regulation provides for penalties of up to 20 million Euros for non-compliance,” explains acens.

Medical researchers The increase in the standard of living causes that new diseases appear and that you want to improve the quality of patients in areas, especially, related to Alzheimer’s, diabetes or blood circulation, which will affect the elderly, people with sedentary behavior or with bad eating habits.

Electromedical. In today’s society we must respond to the health needs of people, and for that we must rely on the great technological development to have highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals in areas such as electro medicine, with specific fields such as mechanical ventilation, patient safety linked to technology, design regulation of critical areas.

Financial cyberader. Banks are undertaking the digital transformation and it is increasingly difficult to find an advisor in a physical entity, but business and investments are still necessary. With a digital world full of possibilities but also of dangers, it is necessary to have experts in financial and security technology to avoid being victims of fraud, money laundering or customer default.

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