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The walk, The app with which you will walk to save the world

the walk app

Going out to train can sometimes seem like an impossible mission, but there are applications that will keep us so hooked that we will not realize how many steps we have taken. After the Pokemon Go fever, we needed to have an app that would make us travel kilometers without thinking how tired we are. The Walk is a perfect tool for this.

Sometimes we feel compelled to play sports and we end up declining the idea of ​​going to the gym or going out running every day. But, what happens if we camouflage the idea of ​​training? Instead of downloading a pure and hard fitness application, we installed on our mobile a story that we can only solve on the street.

Your mission: save the world

This application has been created by Six to Start. They are the same authors of Zombies, Run!, an app for runners that motivates us to train while we escape a horde of zombies who want to satisfy their appetite with us.

At a lower level than zombies, it is designed to get in shape without demanding too much. The Walk could be called more like a pedometer that counts the number of steps we take and that motivates us to walk every day with the sole purpose of saving the world.

The story begins with an explosion at the station in Inverness, Scotland, and we will be chosen to receive a package that could save the world. To keep us alive, we will need to walk the surface equivalent of all of the United Kingdom. Along the way, we will face investigations of clues, scan sites for data, dodge enemies, avoid being stopped by the police and find out who detonated the bomb.

Download it!

The Walk contains 65 episodes and hundreds of hours of audio with music and dialogues. As recommended by the WHO, this application proposes to achieve 10,000 steps a day, always adjusting to the capacity of each player.
So at the end of the game, we will have managed to walk about 800 km, which is the equivalent of traveling all over the UK. Almost nothing! We assure you that you will end up hooked and prefer to walk anywhere to complete missions.

It is available now for both Android and iOS. Do you dare to initiate yourself in this adventure? It can be a perfect alternative for those days when you rest from going to the gym, but you want to stay active. Or, even, to start taking a tone to perform the Camino de Santiago, do not you think?

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game
The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game


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