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The wall of Adriano does not resist the pressure of tourism

It takes 35 tons of stone to repair areas that are damaged

hadrian's wall
hadrian’s wall

He resisted the Picts (the Scottish primitives) and the Saxon invaders. But now, more than 1,500 years after its construction, the Wall of Adriano is succumbing to a new invasion impossible to contain: tourists. The increase of travelers has caused that this construction of Roman origin deteriorates to such an extent, that the authorities have had to transport in helicopter 35 tons of stone to try to reconstruct about ten kilometers of this fortification.

wall decal: hadrians wall, northumberland, uk,

The wall was built by order of the Roman emperor in the period that goes from the year 122 to 132 of our era. Its objective was to protect the Romanized part of present-day Britain from the Picts, the barbarian tribes of the north. The wall covered about 117 kilometers in length, and had a height of just over four meters. It is also reinforced by fourteen large forts and eighty smaller ones.

And, although it was a fairly effective defense, the Picts managed to cross it three times. After the last of them, around the year 380 of our era, and coinciding with the decline of Roman power on the island, the wall was abandoned.

Wall of Antonin Scotland
Wall of Antonin Scotland

Only fragments of it have been preserved, since in many places the locals used their stones to make other constructions. During all this time it has been considered the symbolic border between England and Scotland, although the real one is located many kilometers further north.


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