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‘The young Sheldon’, the wonderful years of Big Bang Theory

'The young Sheldon', the wonderful years of Big Bang Theory
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The first thing I thought when I read that they were going to premiere Young Sheldon was: “The typical absurd spin-off is here to take advantage of the Big Bang Theory pull”. But, on the other hand, my geek vein whispered to me: “The childhood of Sheldon Cooper. Cool, bitch! ” The truth is that my prejudices, once again, have gone to hell, because Young Sheldon is turning out to be a pleasant comedy, a happy place with a tone away from the canned laughter of his older brother.

Thanks to the voice-over of Jim Parsons himself, and a script that is halfway between the nostalgic series type Those wonderful years and ironic but sweetened humor, has managed to differentiate himself from his mothership to offer a product quite safe, even for those who have already left Big Bang.

The series works and it’s nice to see it not only because of its good script. Iain Armitage,who plays the young Sheldon (is the son of Shailene Woodley in Big Little Lies), performs an excellent acting work giving life to the insufferable and brilliant scientist who, with his bow tie and briefcase, sees the life of the institute from his meter twenty of height and his personal perspective.

Another success of The Young Sheldon is the family and the fun way that the writers have found to show how they take advantage of the special qualities of the child, that makes the income statement or fill in pools for the grandmother (great the character of ” Meemaw “, played by Annie Potts).

The relationship with his brothers, so different from him, the difficulty of his father to find a point of union with his alien son and the concern (often in vain) of his mother give the story that dramatic touch and somewhat sweetened so characteristic of the American family comedies, that makes us throw the lagrimilla from time to time and relax.

The appearance of recurring characters such as Professor Proton, the discovery of love for superhero comics and other stories that reveal new facets of one of the most beloved and famous television characters, make this series a more than worthy entertainment to pass a while and forget about the world.


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