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Themed foot races still popular

What drives the world to run?

Themed foot races still popular
Marathon Runners close up legs and shoes

Running is gaining popularity in Quebec. Last year, the OASIS Montreal Marathon counted nearly 20,816 graduating participants *despite the hot weather. The Iskio site (reference of Quebec running) has timed close to 1340 races in 2017 for a total of more than 321 082 graduates. Five years ago, this figure was reduced by almost half with 153,796 participants (all races combined: Races, obstacles, cross,…). We are talking about an increase of nearly 109% in 5 years. It’s just huge! In 2013, Iskio had only 636 races in Quebec, today there are 1341.

Themed races

But what drives the world to run? Passion, health, pleasure … The reasons are many and they are all as good as each other. Beyond the growing number of races proposed in recent years, it must be said that the various event promoters have made a lot of marketing efforts to make running more “sexy”. This is how we saw a lot of thematic races!

Today, we can run at night, cross obstacles, be pursued by zombies, run while eating chocolate, run in underground and downtown buildings, run in vineyards, run dressed as Santa Claus, etc.

In short, you will understand, there is everything for everyone! And in a sense, I personally think it’s a very good thing if it’s motivating, training, or taking charge of health by participating in these events.

For these thematic races to work, they must be accessible to everyone! And the promoters have assimilated it! If the half marathon and the 10 km are still popular, the queen distance of last year was the 5 km thanks to the fact that sir and madam everyone can participate because of the short distance. Last year 36% made a 5 kilometer, compared with 22% a 10 kilometer and 14% half a marathon.

Present in more than 200 cities, including 40 countries, The Color Run is one of the world’s best-known theme races. Inspired by the Indian National Day Holi commonly known as “the feast of colors”, The Color Run has reinvented the running event by offering participants the opportunity to receive colored powders every kilometer during the event. race in a festive atmosphere.

FRI-nally!! 😃😎😝 #Happiest5k

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But Quebec also has its thematic races and concepts. We think especially of races like gourmet races or more recently the 5km Montreal Underground Classic race.

Have we reached saturation?

Hard to say. Still, last year there were slightly fewer theme races than the previous 5 years, in favor of larger events that continue to offer a better year-to-year experience to increase their number of events. participants.

Theme race or not, do not wait for spring to move! You now have races all year in Quebec. To your sneakers!


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