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There would be free health insurance in 1,500 US counties

The Healthcare.gov page is viewed on a computer screen on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 in Washington.

In a strange twist, people with low incomes in about half of the counties of the United States can get a free policy of “Obamacare” subsidized by taxpayers, according to a new study released on Monday that suggests that there could be repercussions to some of President Donald Trump’s actions against the health law.

The analysis of government data by the Kaiser Family Foundation contravenes the perception of an alarming widespread increase in costs for consumers under the Affordable Care Act. It could become a promotional springboard for insurers in their attempt to attract more consumers once they start the registration process on November 1.

The study found that in 1,540 counties, a hypothetical 40-year-old man with an annual income of $ 25,000 can get a basic “bronze” plan without paying a monthly premium for next year.

It is partly the result of government actions that increased the underlying cost of medical expenses insurance, resulting in higher federal spending for the premium subsidy.

The final number of counties with free plans available would be even greater, since the Kaiser study only examined the 39 states that use the federal HealthCare.gov website for their enrollment. In those entities, almost 60% of the counties will have free bronze plans.

“Because of the way premiums were set this year, people should investigate to make sure they receive a plan that benefits them,” said Gary Claxton, co-author of the report. “Telling people that they can choose between paying a penalty (for not being insured) and accepting a free plan is a very attractive proposition.”


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