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Thermor bets with its new heat pumps for connectivity to integrate them into the smart home

atlantic alfea extensa duo
atlantic alfea extensa duo

Now that the cold weather arrives, one of the most interesting options to heat our home is to have a heat pump or boiler to feed the radiators that we have at home. A type of device that is modernized more and more and that little by little begins to be integrated within the connected home.

An example that we have with the last heat pump that Thermor has presented; This is the family of Alféa Ai heat pumps that stand out for offering the possibility of controlling them remotely from our smartphone thanks to a mobile application such as Cozytouch.

To this end , Alfea Ai heat pumps have introduced a renewed interfacethat seeks above all to facilitate the tasks of starting, control and management by the user. A control that allows to establish from independent heating zones and control the temperature of the home from any device even if we are far from the boiler.

The new range of heat pumps also adds a power system that saves up to 75% on the energy bill both when generating heating, cooling and hot water (DHW) since the Alféa Ai extracts the free energy available in the air.

The models of the new family integrate a 190-liter hot water tank for which they have improved the design so that it does not occupy more space at home.

Regarding price and availability, the new heat pumps can already be found on the website of the manufacturer and specialized stores at prices that vary according to the chosen model.


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