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These are the 20 most friendly cities in the world

The list is quite amazing!

friends bicycles
friends bicycles

The cities that best welcome you, from 20 to 1

Among the 500 most powerful tourist destinations in the world, which are the ones that welcome the visitor with more love ? That’s what they’ve been asking from TravelBird, a Dutch vacation booking company. To find out, they have measured parameters such as the pleasantness of their accesses (airports, stations, etc.), the happiness of their inhabitants, their openness to visitors and their ability to speak English with propiuedad. In addition, they have conducted a survey of more than 15,000 travel journalists, including some from Condé Nast Traveler, to ask them about their experiences in these places, as well as the residents of the cities themselves, in order to know if tourism has affected them positively or negatively. The result? Just one click!

20. Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket (Thailand)

19. Berlin (Germany)

Berlin (Germany)

18. New York (United States)

New York (United States)

17. Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva (Switzerland)

Bruges (Belgium)

Bruges (Belgium)

Nice (France)

Nice (France)

Toronto Canada)

Toronto (Canada)

13. Dublin (Ireland)

Dublin (Ireland)

12. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

11. Hamburg (Germany)

Hamburg (Germany)

Orlando (USA)

Orlando (USA)

9. Zurich (Switzerland)

Zurich (Switzerland)

8. Oslo (Norway)

Oslo (Norway)

7. Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo (Japan)

6. Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon (Portugal)

5. Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

4. San Francisco (USA)

San Francisco (USA)

3. Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki (Finland)

2. Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm (Sweden)

1. Singapore (Singapore)

Singapore (Singapore)


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