Home Money These are the 5 leaders who inspired Bill Gates

These are the 5 leaders who inspired Bill Gates

The co-founder of Microsoft unveiled the people he admires because they are making a difference in the world.

These are the 5 leaders who inspired Bill Gates
Bill Gates

One could say that one of the reasons why Bill Gates is so successful is because he is not afraid of what he does not know. Through his work with the Gates Foundation, he is clearly passionate about helping people around the world to create healthy and productive lives that are not hampered by lack of access to clean water or education.

Gates always turns to social media and his blog to talk about the books that have opened his eyes and taught him more about the global problems he is working to help solve. But recently he also took a moment to thank five people whose work and determination he greatly admires.

“Although our foundation funds many efforts to help improve the world, it sacrificed little compared to the people who do the hard work that makes progress possible,” Gates explained in his blog. “These and millions of other people like them are making a difference in our world, and although they may be too humble to call themselves heroes, I can not think of a better word to describe them.”

Here are five people that Bill Gates considers heroes:

Camille Jones

Jones is a school teacher in Quincy, Washington. She was named the Washington State Teacher of the Year 2017. She grew up on a farm in Quincy, and has taught in her hometown for the past seven years.

Dr. Segenet Kelemu

Kelenu grew up in Ethiopia and is the first woman in her region to obtain a university degree. She works as the general director of the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology in Nairobi.

Dr. Ada Okoli

In 2014, Okoli was working in a hospital in Lagos, in his native Nigeria, when he became infected with Ebola. She survived and now that she is well, she concentrates on working to find solutions to prevent epidemics in the future.

Anna Rosling

Rosling is co-founder of Gapminder, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to dismantling myths about global inequality through accessible presentations. Gates cites a recent effort, Dollar Street, which brought together the economic profiles of 264 families around the world.

Dr. Mathew Varghese

Varghese is an orthopedic surgeon at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi, India, and oversees the only polio ward in the country. It works to provide people affected by the disease, which was eradicated in India in 2011, better mobility.


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