Home Technology These are the VPN servers that you should avoid at all costs

These are the VPN servers that you should avoid at all costs

These are the VPN servers that you should avoid at all costs
These are the VPN servers that you should avoid at all costs

Many times we have recommended you to use VPN connections to, for example, preserve our privacy in the network or avoid different measures of security and censorship that we can find when surfing the net. Today there is a wide variety of VPN servers with physical servers scattered around the world, each with its own characteristics but, after all, most of them similar, except in relation to privacy.

Although all the VPN servers guarantee us that they are reliable and respect the privacy of their users, in reality nom is like that. The reliability of the servers can be affected by many elements, for example, by the origin of the same (if your country belongs to the group of 14 eyes, certainly not at all reliable), whether or not record activity, the terms of the service that nobody reads and the price, since it is very attractive a free VPN server, but like any other company, they are to make money (and, for this, they use our data).

Then there are cases, such as the PureVPN, which directly collaborate with the FBI by providing data of their users despite not being in the group of 14 eyes, not being free and ensuring that no record of activity of their users is saved.

From the wide variety of VPN servers that exist, here we are going to talk about several, well known and used, which are not recommended at all because they do not guarantee our privacy at any time and, therefore, are VPN servers that we must avoid at all costs.

Unreliable VPN servers

In addition to PureVPN, one of the VPN servers we should not trust is  Hola. This free service arrived quickly conquering the users, however, with the passage of time it changed, and suddenly it began not only to convert the computers of its clients in “nodes” of exit, but to sell the bandwidth of its clients to third parties through its lumitati service. Therefore, we will never recommend using this service.

HotSpot Shield is another free server that seemed to get along very well with users until it suddenly started to redirect its clients’ traffic to ad and advertising websites, something that not only breaks trust, but has also endangered the privacy of users.

Third, many media talked about Opera VPN as one of the best services we could find to protect our privacy. The first thing is that, technically speaking, this is more like a Proxy than a VPN, and it has also been shown that Opera collects data from its users and sells it to third parties.

ProtonVPN is the VPN server of the creators of ProtonMail. While this email server does respect the security and privacy of users, in the case of the VPN things are still a little green, and this server has serious security flaws (filtering of IPs, filtering of DNS requests, and also keep user connection records), which, today, make it a server worthy of mistrust.

Finally,  VPNSecure, in addition to belonging to the group of 14 eyes, in 2016 it was shown that this server had serious vulnerabilities and, besides, it worked in a similar way to Hello, using its clients as nodes, so we must also avoid it.

Do you use a reliable VPN server?


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