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These noises indicate that your vehicle has faults or breakdowns

Seven noises that reveal that something is wrong with your car

If there is any suspicious noise in your vehicle, you will do well to go to your trusty shop immediately so that you can have a look, as you can save yourself a huge bill in the future.

On many occasions, listening to car sounds can help you detect a fault in different systems. There are seven types of noise that usually alert drivers and have to do with different types of breakdowns:

Slow motor sound when starting: it is usually a symptom which indicates that the battery is running low. If you have not changed it or you did it more than three years ago, this noise tells you that it is time to make that change. Do not wait any longer and avoid major damages.

The idle sounds different: if, when the engine is running, the idle sounds different from the usual, it may be because the time has come to change the air and fuel filters. In cold, the engine emits a continuous sound in the upper part: in general, the sound usually follows the rhythm of the engine and can be a sign that there is a problem of slack in the valves. The best way to appreciate this noise is to open the engine layer and bring the ear to the front.

Strident sound: With the car running, the front emits a rather annoying sound: be careful, everything indicates that a belt, whether distribution or service, is not in good condition.

When you press the brake pedal you will hear a crack or a friction: visit your workshop immediately, because it is time to replace the brake pads.

Whistles: in most cases, this whistling is due to a possible escape of the exhaust pipe and occurs when the gases are expelled by a small space which can also change the sound of the engine. Other types of whistling can come from leakage in a defective vacuum hose.

Serious type sounds ‘clonk’: usually occur when there is a slack in some element of the suspension or direction. As there may be several involved in this noise, it is best to go to a workshop to make the diagnosis.

If you detect any noise that worries you, do not forget to go to your workshop of confidence so that they can offer you a solution and thus save a serious breakdown.


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