Home Technology They work on 40TB hard drives that work by microwaves

They work on 40TB hard drives that work by microwaves


Among all the components of a computer where more has been advanced has been in the storage capacities that we can even go further if we rely on an external hard drive or any server in the cloud. But hard drive technology will continue to advance, and hard drives up to 40TB that are powered by patented microwave technology are already being worked on.

Western Digital has created a new technology to manufacture storage units up to 40TB thanks to the use of microwaves, some discs that we can buy at low prices most of the users in a few years, when it is cheaper to manufacture.

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These storage capacities, efficiency and speed are due to microwave assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) technology that allows data to be recorded at a higher density (up to 4TB per square inch).

The good thing about these hard drives of the future is that they will not be expensive, and from Western Digital ensure that practically every person in 2025 can buy one of these discs.

Of course, before they will be available to companies from 2019 with a pronounced price but, given their capacity and speed, will be a good investment. Meanwhile, users will have to wait a few more years to be able to have this technology in their home.

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