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This course platform will pay you cryptocurrencies for learning programming and other technological disciplines

This course platform will pay you cryptocurrencies for learning programming and other technological disciplines
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BitDegree is presented as the first online education platform in the world driven by blockchain. A digital space that aims to bring together the best courses in computer science and programming, at the height of other famous course platforms, differentiated by a system of rewards in cryptocurrencies based on smart contracts similar to those of Ethereum.

As it sounds: its managers say that students get direct benefits by learning on the platform. Thus, they say, they provide a higher level of education and lower the barrier to entry into the labor market since their mission also involves companies and their respective needs.

This is how the BitDegree rewards work

This project needs the technology of the block chain to introduce in a simple way a system of intelligent incentives and a record of achievements of the different students of their courses, being able to choose which data are those that will be stored in blockchain, although for defect are all.

The idea behind BitDegree is that companies that require IT professionals with certain skills sponsor courses in which they can learn. Depending on the results obtained, verified through fluency tests and revisions of a tutor, students who participate will receive scholarships in cryptocurrency of the platform, BitDegree (BDG).

The amount of cryptocurrency that students will receive will vary depending on the chosen course

Students, who can also be tutors by earning a BDG token for each review, can exchange these rewards for digital products with external service providers. The amount of cryptocurrency they will receive, as explained from BitDegree, will vary depending on the company that is behind the course, the location of the student, the language in which they learn and the tutors involved. 1 ether equals, now, 10,000 BDG.

The platform has announced that during the first year all courses will be open access and that in the future there will be premium courses. In any case, their efforts right now are focused on making the community grow, attracting students, attracting companies and presenting the first courses.

Electronic Arts co-founder, Jeff Burton, and former senior manager of Coursera, Roberto Santana, are part of the advisory board

So far, they have one on the development of intelligent contracts, although expected soon include other related Bitcoin and criptomonedas, Python programming, data structures and algorithms, robotics, programming Android applications and cybersecurity. Besides getting rewards, students will demonstrate their achievements through the chain blocks BitDegree and even finish hired by the companies responsible for the respective courses.

BitDegree managed to gather 31 million US dollars in Ethereum in December during its initial currency offer and has on its advisory board with the co-founder of Electronic Arts, Jeff Burton, the former senior manager of Coursera, Roberto Santana, and Thomas Frey, renowned founder futurologist of the Da Vinci Institute.


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