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This is how Android will improve the security and performance of its applications from 2018

This is how Android will improve the security and performance of its applications from 2018
This is how Android will improve the security and performance of its applications from 2018

We already know which is the new plan of Google to improve the security and performance of Android, and it will do so through Google Play, demanding a minimum for the development of applications from next year.

During the last years Android has been improving exponentially its security and its performance, but then this is of no use if later the developers continue creating applications from old versions that do not express all the improvements and advantages of the most recent versions. That is why, from next year, Google will require applications to use the advantages of the latest versions of Android.

If in this 2017 Google began to penalize the applications that did not fulfill a minimum of quality, now as of 2018 it gets hard and it will put the following requirements:

Requirement of a certain API since the end of 2018

Every time Google releases a new version of Android that means that developers have a new API that allows you to further protect your applications and protect your users from malware, and to improve the battery consumption of your applications.

From next year Google Play will force developers to use a certain API to create their applications for Android * in this way:

  • August 2018: new applications will be required to use API level 26 ( Android 8.0 ) or higher.
  • November 2018: Updates of existing applications will require using API level 26 or higher. 2019 onwards: each year the targetSdkVersionrequirement will advance. Within one year after each launch of a new Android dessert, new applications and updates should use the corresponding API level or higher. That is to say, that at the end of 2019 Android 9.0 will be the required version.

Important: This does not mean that from next year the applications and games will not work in previous versions. Developers will have to develop their applications for Android 8.0 but can use the * minSdkVersion * to tell from which lower version their applications can be compatible. The Android SDK allows you to develop an application for the current version of Android and that is compatible with previous versions.

64-bit support requirement in 2019

With Android 5.0 Lollipop came support for 64-bit processors, but three years later there are very few developers who add such compatibility in their applications. That is why from August 2019 it will be mandatory that applications and games use the native code of 64 bits in addition to the 32 bits.

Currently more than 40% of Android devices use a 64-bit processor and hardly any applications express the improvement of power they offer. The applications that native code of 64 bits generally offers a better performance.

Security metadata at the beginning of 2018

Finally, for users to mistakenly install malware on their devices when trying to update their applications from outside of Google Play, since the beginning of 2018, the application store will include new security metadata that will improve the APK signature, to prevent a Modified application can be passed as an official update.

Note: All these improvements will only affect the applications that are released and updated from those dates. If a developer does not update your application you will not have to apply those requirements, you can still use that application or play the old version of Android as a base.


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