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This is how they can steal private WhatsApp information


WhatsApp is the most used messaging service in the world, since it currently has more than 100 million active users day by day, which means that today you can communicate with virtually anyone through this application only with both parties have with a smartphone.

And even though the WhatsApp development team has been adding new security measures such as point-to-point encrypted chats, a new vulnerability has been discovered that allows access to private information without even the user suspecting something.

Rob Heaton , an independent software engineer has managed to extract data from WhatsApp thanks to a vulnerability in the web version of the application, all he has to do is develop an extension for Chrome.

This extension is able to interact with the web version of WhatsApp to know when our contacts are connected, information that should only be visible to each user.

This does not seem to be a serious problem until we take the case to a larger scale, because the same analyst indicates that thanks to the information obtained by the extension can know when users use their cell to connect and disconnect from WhatsApp, even you could draw conclusions to know if two contacts could have started a conversation between them, although fortunately there is no way to know this information specifically.

This information could be taken advantage of by different companies that are dedicated to collect information of the users and later to profit from her to be able to know million of patterns of the conduct of the users who use WhatsApp daily.

Although it is not sensitive information for most of us who use WhatsApp on a daily basis, it is a fact that this information is private, and only the messaging company would be the only one that can access this type of data, so that then becomes a problem of invasion of privacy.

Rob Heaton details that any other person or organization could develop its own extension and take advantage of this vulnerability, so we hope Whatsapp can solve this problem soon.


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