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This is the best way to overcome a rupture according to science

Recent research also proved that the emotional pain we feel after a break can also be perceived physically.


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We’ve all spent more than once in our lives because of that painful process of ending a romantic relationship.

Is that a break can invalidate us emotionally so much that we can even feel physical pain due to our grief.

This was at least verified by several scientific investigations, which also studied what was the best way to overcome a break. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

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Deceiving your brain

According to the site Alienture the “researchers at the University of Colorado suggest to overcome a breakup is as simple as convinced that has been overcome”. That is, deceive the brain that this pain has passed.

To test their theory, they carried out “an experiment using a placebo that made the participants believe that they were taking a remedy to calm their ills”, they say in the same place.

The conclusion they reached was simple: “Just believing that we are doing something to overcome it can help us to do it,” explains Tor Wager, lead author of the study and professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado.

But how do these placebos work? “Placebos are usually effective remedies in other areas of medicine and are used in many cases in which it is to calm strong physical pain. It’s all about believing that what we’re doing will lead to a quick solution to the problem. “

breaking offIn this way, his research suggests that “the simple act of thinking that something will help relieve pain causes the brain to release more endorphins, which act as natural analgesics.”

Thus, Wager and his colleagues propose with their research that “one of the best ways to overcome a break is to deceive ourselves to overcome it. In other words, doing what we think will help us improve will surely work”, they end in Alienture.


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