Home Technology This is the most mysterious comet that has ever visited us

This is the most mysterious comet that has ever visited us

This comet comes from another star and science tries to study it.

Each year there are many comets that go through the solar system. Some of them even pass dangerously close to Earth, understanding “close” in spatial terms, of course. What until now had never been registered is a comet that comes from a distance as large as the newly discovered A / 2017 U1.

It is an interstellar comet, because it does not come from the vicinity of our solar system. In fact, astronomers still do not know where it comes from, although it was generated during the formation of some other star other than our sun. This mysterious comet is the first to visit us from another star.

The A / 2017 U1 is already on its way to other places in space, although for now scientists are focused on taking advantage of this unique opportunity to study their composition as much as possible. The main space observatories of the world take all possible images to learn of this celestial object unprecedented in history.

This type of rocks originated at least 4,500 million years ago, time in which great changes and transformations took place that modified the universe forever. Hence the scientific and astronomical curiosity to extract all possible data now that it is “within range” of terrestrial telescopes.

To get an idea, approximately on that date something similar happened in our Solar System, a process that gave rise to two of the largest planets that surround us: Jupiter and Saturn. In the process some comets that were fired to other points in the galaxy were generated.

The composition of this strange comet will help science to delve into its knowledge about the origin and evolution of the universe, perhaps giving an important leap forward in the understanding of space and time around us.


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