Home Technology This is the smallest fidget spinner in the world

This is the smallest fidget spinner in the world

Fidget spinner
Fidget spinner


Scientists were given the task of creating the smallest fidget spinner in the world, it is even necessary to use a microscope to see it.


The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in the United States, was the place where a group of scientists, using photon-based 3D printing technology, created a really tiny fidget spinner, 100 microns wide or one tenth of a millimeter.



The printing machine has the ability to create microfluidic and micromechanical devices, through the use of a converging laser to light-cure a liquid in a solid.


In the following video (in English), the process of creating the spinner fidget, its challenges, is also explained, it is a pretext to draw attention and see the true possibilities of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.



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