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This shabby copy of the Ducati Panigale can lift women’s skirts, or so they sell it from Thailand

This shabby copy of the Ducati Panigale can lift women's skirts
This shabby copy of the Ducati Panigale can lift women’s skirts, or so they sell it from Thailand

For some time, Ducati has been flirting with its entry into the market of medium / low displacement. A movement that would surely bring them a succulent sales increase but which goes against their positioning as a premium brand. Even so, Borgo Panigale dared with the average bikes with the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 of 400 cc.

Continuing with the tendency to expand the ranges from the bottom, something that looks like a Panigale to scale has appeared, but beware, because it only seems so. What’s more, the Demon 150 GR is a more or less brazen copy of the Italian design carried out by the Thai firm GPX.

A 150 capable of melting ice cream absurdly

Years ago we saw how the Cagiva Mito replicated the successful print of the saga 916 Ducati, but on that occasion it was a sport of 125 cc (with a derivate of 50 cc) that shot the aesthetic of the Superbike created by Massimo Tamburini, but with permission.

Gpx Demon 150 Gr 7
Gpx Demon 150 Gr 1

From Thailand they have gone with less fuss when it comes to looking for a source of inspiration and have taken out of the sleeve a modest sport that although in Europe we see as a model shot, surely in Asia it makes him lose his jaw to more than one.

Gpx Demon 150 Gr 10
Gpx Demon 150 Gr 3

There is no doubt that the GPX Demon 150 GR borrows some ideas from the Panigale to build what could be a Borgo Panigale motorcycle cramped and equipped with a mechanic and part cycle more typical of a pit bike although the pilot of the images go well by size, but since I’m not an NBA player I can not judge his height.

Gpx Demon 150 Gr 1
Gpx Demon 150 Gr 2

Tubular steel chassis, inverted suspension, disc brakes, LED headlights, digital instrumentation, exhaust in the keel, weight 130 kg , tires of 14 inches! … They have thrown the house through the window to offer the summit of the sportsmanship in Asian size. There’s even a tri-color Sport Edition that looks suspiciously like the 1299 Panigale S Anniversary .

Gpx Demon 150 Gr

By the way, to continue with the farce could not resist to put into the video the sound of a motorcycle (or a motorcycle) that can be any four cylinders that sounds better than the four-cycle single-cylinder air-cooled that actually It’s the Demon 150 GR. That without going into value the ups-skirts and melt-ice effect that (supposedly) has on women. Funny, at least.

Gpx Demon 150 Gr 2

Luckily it will not fulfill the Euro 4 with total security so it will be a model that stays away from our borders and we will not see our marriages in danger.


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