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This was the most searched in Google in 2017

The earthquake of September 19, Coco, Trump, the iPhone 8, Despacito and much more was the most searched in Google during the year.

This was the most searched in Google in 2017

Today, the leading Internet search company known as Google has launched a compilation of the most relevant searches throughout the year throughout the world. A few days ago did the same with YouTube and the launch of its classic YouTube Rewind 2017, but today we know in detail and by country that was what users searched the most in Google throughout the year.

But before starting here we leave you this emotional video that Google has prepared to remind us what this 2017 has been in searches.

Global searches

From natural phenomena to deceased artists and Netflix series, this is the most searched in Google 2017:

1) Hurricane Irma
2) iPhone 8
3) iPhone X
4) Matt Lauer
5) Meghan Markle
6) 13 Reasons Why
7) Tom Petty
8) Fidget Spinner
9) Chester Bennington
10) India National Cricket Team

The most “googled” technological devices

1) iPhone 8
2) iPhone X
3) Nintendo Switch
4) Samsung Galaxy S8
5) Xbox One X
6) Nokia 3310
7) Razer Phone
8) Oppo F5
9) OnePlus 5
10) Nokia 6

How is it done…?

1) How to make slime
2) How to make glasses for solar eclipse
3) How to buy Bitcoin
4) How to see Mayweather vs McGregor
5) How to make a fidget spinner
6) How to see the solar eclipse
7) How to freeze your credit
8) How to play Powerball
9) How to record the record
10) How to lose belly fat firmly

The most wanted memes

1) Cash Me Outside Meme
2) United Airlines Meme
3) Elf on the Meme platform
4) What on Tarnation Meme
5) Sponge Bob Meme
6) Break Meme
7) IT Meme
8) Joe Biden Meme
9) Game of Thrones Meme
10) Hot Dog Meme

The most wanted movies

1) IT
2) Wonder Woman
3) Beauty and the Beast
4) Logan
5) League of Justice
6) The fate of the furious
7) Baahubali 2: The conclusion
8) Dunkirk
9) The Land
10) Thor: Ragnarok

The most “googled” songs and lyrics

1) Despacito
2) Shape of You
3) Perfect
4) Havana
5) Look What You Made Me Do
7) Versace on the Floor
8) Closer
9) Bad and Boujee
10) Rockstar

The most wanted musicians and bands

1) Ariana Grande
2) Linkin Park
3) Lady Gaga
4) Mariah Carey
5) Ed Sheeran
6) Travis Scott
7) Kendrick Lamar
8) Lil Pump
9) Katy Perry
10) Cardi B

Most searched in Mexico

In Mexico things are not so different, but it is obvious that the interests by country always have some particularity that identifies them. For example, in Mexico the most sought after was the earthquake of September 19, while the most “googled” movie was Coco and the most searched questions on Google was how people lived in ancient Egypt? and What is the mechanism of Antikythera?

The trends of Mexico:

1) Earthquake in Mexico
2) Solar Eclipse
3) Coco
4) Hurricane Irma
5) State Elections Mexico
6) iPhone X
7) Spinner
8) Roblox
9) Catalonia
10) North Korea

The most wanted events

1) Earthquake in Mexico
2) Solar Eclipse
3) Hurricane Irma
4) Elections State of Mexico
5) Good End
6) Accident in Reform
7) Hurricane Franklin
8) Hurricane Katia
9) Gasolinazo
10) Hurricane Harvey

Those who searched how …

1) How people lived in ancient Egypt
2) How to draw
3) How to make a spinner
4) How to make a booklet
5) How glass is made
6) How to write Halloween
7) How to make a catrina
8) How can you make use solar energy
9) How to make slime
10) How pitch contributes to fossil remains

The most wanted movies

1) Coco
2) It
3) Logan
4) Beauty and the Beast
5) Fast and Furious 8
6) Thor: Ragnarok
7) Wonder Woman
8) How to be a Latin Lover
9) Spiderman Homecoming
10) La Land

Those who searched “what…”

1) What is the mechanism of Antikythera
2) What is an eclipse
3) What is a pangolin
4) What is a story
5) Which regions of the world were frozen
6) What is a survey
7) What is an earthquake
8) What is a homogeneous mixture
9) What is an ecosystem
10) What are abbreviations

Antikythera mechanism
Antikythera mechanism

If you want to see how was the year in searches in other countries you can do it from the official Google Trends website.


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