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Three trends so that this spring is not known if you go to the office or to a fashion week

Three trends so that this spring is not known if you go to the office or to a fashion week
Three trends so that this spring is not known if you go to the office or to a fashion week

“From boot to boot and shot because it touches me.” Could this phrase be the bio of your Instagram in the last weeks? Ours too. And we know what you feel:  you love wearing coats on snow  in the same style as a   Scandinavian blogger , but, the second month of socks, stockings and fleece, your body begins to ask for sauce… and less layers.

Those of us who dream of a tropical climate and  only have an allergy to boring  and monotonous looks tend to evade the winter reality and think about what we will get when the days last beyond six in the afternoon.

If you are in our team,  cross the catwalk and start fantasizing  about situations where you could wear the garments of the new Desigual spring collection. From a Monday in which you need a sweater that encourages you the day to a Friday afternoon in which you will see the new exhibition of your friend and you want to dress differently, every occasion is good to premiere.

Do you think that it is not yet time to think about the days of flowers, terraces and sandals? It is never too early to be  at the bottom of the trend and here are three that will devastate when we can say goodbye to the jackets and scarves. Take advantage of the appetizer!

Do not worry, be boho!

Are you one of those who miss the queen of the boho-chic style, that is, Nicole Richie? What was BFF Paris Hilton gave us some bohemian (and most glamorous) styles that made us sigh a few years ago for  felt hats, long skirts and flat sandals.

From here – and with the muse in the head – we give our blessing to the catalogs that bring us back this spirit so relaxed, flattering and comfortable. “But if I have already lost the habit of wearing skirts that go over the knee”, you will pose. And we, who know that  you always cracked this roll , activate the emergency protocol to solve the cases of ‘syndrome of denial of stylistic origins’.

First step:  recover the star garment. The skirt with the ankle length was your favorite for years: now you can not deny it. When you look at one like the ones Desigual proposes  for us  next spring, you will not have any doubts and will fall back on your charms.

Second step: combine it as 2018 it deserves. The craze for the platforms will continue to accompany us for a few months, so to make the transition from winter to the easiest spring, choose to wear a flatform booties   when you release your skirt. Another  tip ? Top the styling with extremely large earrings. They are the most this season and fit great with   bohemian looks . Perfect from head to toe .

Third step: embrace the trend little by little. If what you want is a (re) slow incursion in the bohoworld, start with the easiest: the complements. A bag with geometric prints -like the one pictured above- combined with high-waisted jeans and a  crop top  can be an ideal starting point for  a Nicole Richie approved spring.

Have you seen how easy it is to fall in love with bohemian? Another case resolved by the trendy brigade.

Long live the color explosions

If you are a super fan of unexpected mixes and even (by dint of repeating the combination) you have managed to stop your mother from telling you that “pink and red, punch in the eye” when she sees you,  the  color block  is your trend . Orange and pink, fuchsia and blue klein, yellow and green… mixtures that horrify others make you crazy.

And is not for less. If even influencers of the stature of Giovanna Battaglia  support  these color pairings, why would we cut ourselves? Of course, like everything in the world of fashion, dress following this trend and come out graceful has its technique.

Three are a crowd in this case. And that is the main red line: when it comes to putting strong tones in a single look, better concentrate the efforts in a couple of colors. Do you die for releasing that blue sucker and that pink chewing gum sweater? Do not choose a single garment and put the two for that afternoon of wines with your friends.

Do you also want to remove the label from those red heels sandals that are already in your closet? That you can not the craving: hold a bit and give them all the prominence on another occasion wearing them with a black dress or jeans  with embroidery.

And, above all, choose the mix that you choose, do not be afraid of novelty and fashionboldness: painting your spring  to the color full was never so  trendy  (and fun).

Asia also to dress

Do you spend the day looking for flights to Tokyo, have an obsession with Korean cosmetics and your last gift was a homemade sushi kit? Friend,  your  Asiafilia  has gotten out of hand. But we will not be the ones to put a stop to a madness as cool as that.

It’s more: we give you wings to launch that passion and take it to the field of fashion. Because this spring, when you feel like dressing up like you were Shoshana from Girls when she moved to Japan, you’ll have it easy.

If you are looking for a garment that, at a glance, gives you the geisha look you crave, nothing like this kimono that makes us squint every time we look at it. How to combine such a  striking denim garment? It’s clear: with more  denim and platform sandals. Because, when it comes to the Asian roll, our bet is to play all or nothing.

But, as we know that in the room there are more than one who fears being seen in disguise, we have plan B for the most timid: the printed shirts. They will be perfect for those first days of spring in which we still do not dare with short sleeves and for when you come up and enter head in the Japanese mood, combine them with matching pants. Will you feel like you’re going down the street in your pajamas? It may be, but will not it be a dream come true?


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