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Tips and exercises to take your sleep in the office

Truquitos not to fall asleep in the office
Truquitos not to fall asleep in the office

If you could not sleep last night, it is likely that at this moment the fatigue takes over you and there are still long hours of work. [Why do you drool when sleeping and how to avoid it?] The Infobae portal shared some techniques to keep you awake at the office, although you should remember that the most important thing is to have a good breakfast.

1. Take a walk: take a break or break for five minutes to go for a walk and breathe deeply, this will help oxygenate your brain and reactivará your mind and body to return and focus on your work.

2. Eat endorphins: a little dark chocolate will not fall badly, because by stimulating your nervous system you will wake up and give you some energy, thanks to the production of endorphins.

3. Chart: a small talk with a partner will relax you and activate your physical and mental functions. But, do not abuse, it will take about five minutes.

4. Stretch: Stretching exercises reactivate circulation and your energy. You can massage the temples or the palms of your hands or follow these steps: Standing sideways in your chair, with your arm well stretched, touch the edge, passing the other arm over the head stretching as much as you can. Repeat eight times.

5. Yawn: do not suppress this activity, but you must do it with discretion.

6. Siesta: eat a little faster than usual and use about 15 minutes to sleep a little nap to recharge energy.

7. Goodbye sugar: The sweets wake you, but after a few hours they produce heaviness. Choose a fruit or a healthy snack.

8. Pleasant activities: Combine your work with a little music or review a photo that stimulates your mind.

With these tricks you can take off your dream at work and end your day with success.


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