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Tips not to leave the gym

Tips not to leave the gym
Tips not to leave the gym

Depending on the date on which we are, going to the gym can be a difficult task. Lack of will or lack of motivation will make us desist from going to play sports and keep ourselves active. At Christmas you can see the drop in attendance and you can be lucky enough to do all the machines in the room without waiting for a turn. It also happens in the summer months. Having vacations should not be synonymous with stopping playing sports, the other way around. We have more free time to focus on making us feel better physically and mentally.

If you are one of those who sign up in January to the gym and in the middle of February is already starting to make excuses not to go, we are going to give you some advice so that you do not end up paying your monthly fee.

Visualize your goal

If you are a sedentary person, be realistic and set several goals with a long-term goal. Go fulfilling goals every 15 days to motivate and notice your progress. Little by little you will be encouraged to see that your goal is closer than you thought. We not only refer to the physical, but to improve times, distances or weights.

In the case of being a habitual sports person, you will know that proposing a goal will make you concentrate in each training. If you’re looking to keep yourself, you may end up bored because you do not have a motivation plan.

Choose a sport that you like

If your gym has several types of classes directed, our advice is that you try them all. Maybe practicing yoga has always seemed boring, but when you try it you will realize the benefits it brings. Test and set your week depending on the classes that you like the most.

If you have always hated to run or spend 40 minutes on a bicycle, do not start there. The important thing is to be motivated to train and with desire to move, you can not consider it as an obligation.

The gym should be near you

If we choose a gym in which we have to go in transport because it is too far, we will end up not going. Ideally, be near your home or work. Make sure you do not waste a lot of time on the roads and dedicate everything to your training.

If it is possible that you go to the gym walking, the best. It will serve as a warm-up and keep you active.

Sign up with an acquaintance

If you are a rookie, going to the gym alone can give you a little stick. Surely you have a friend or family member who goes to the gym, so signing up with him will motivate you and you will feel in the “commitment” not to leave him alone.
The best thing is that you are accompanied by someone assiduous in the sport so you know for sure that you will train several times a week.

Also, be sure that in any class or room you will meet people and the training will fly by. You will win in social life!

All are benefits

Practicing sports not only helps us look good physically. Our immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems improve markedly by keeping us active. Your rest will also be better, your weight will remain without obsession and you will feel more stress-free.


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