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Tips to achieve New Year’s resolutions

With the new year, we have another opportunity to decide what things are important to us and how to get them.


Does the mere thought of thinking about a  New Year’s purpose make you tremble or does it give you a sense of hope for change in the year to come?

January can be a time of reflection. Ideally, we should think about last year; remembering the last twelve months can help us learn from the experiences and renew both our priorities and objectives.

Do you avoid New Year’s resolutions because your goals were not met the previous year? Do not falter. We already know that it is easier to renounce or not to set any goal in life but the good, what is worth it, always requires effort, because the reward is incredibly better than doing nothing.

Maybe you have convinced yourself that you can not change your habits. So, what’s the point of trying, you’ll ask? How to leave the past to create a space for the possibilities of the future? Today we will try to give you a few tips so that your purposes come to fruition.

New Year’s resolutions are an excellent way for our brain to focus on what it wants to achieve next year. The more time we spend reflecting and even writing down our goals, the more involved the brain will be in the process. Basically, you are recruiting the help of your brain and, fortunately for you, your brain is your strongest ally in achieving those goals.

Do not rely on will power, it is not the way to approach this process, because willpower arises from a part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, which is easily overloaded and exhausted. What works much better, experts say, is to slow down other parts of the brain responsible for linking positive emotions to new habits and getting ready for new behaviors.

Make this time of year help you create an environment that supports positive change and progress towards your goals. Let’s go there!

1Write the purposes on paper

2Be aware of negative thoughts

Be aware of negative thoughts

3Spend your energy on things you can control

Spend your energy on things you can control

4Create a weekly schedule

Create a weekly schedule

5Share your goals with the family

Share your goals with the family

6Build your goal with your successes

Build your goal with your successes

7Rewards Diary

Rewards Diary

8The environment is important

The environment is important

Your environment affects you, and can influence you positively or negatively. Family and friends help us to shape values ​​and behaviors, so it is advisable to surround yourself with people who can give us a push, not drag us down, it’s clear.



10Learn to say ‘no’

Learn to say 'no'

11What if I screw up?

What if I screw up?

12How many goals do I set?

How many goals do I set?

13Start with your good intentions as soon as possible

Start with your good intentions as soon as possible

14Give up smoking? Do more exercise?

Give up smoking? Do more exercise?

15On the strength of will

On the strength of will

16The risks of overly demanding purposes

The risks of overly demanding purposes

17The small steps work

The small steps work



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